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    Dr. Shintani's Hawaii Diet

    Shintani, Terry

    Published: June 1, 1999
    ISBN: 0671026666

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    Book Description
    The Hawaii Diet appears to be another fad diet waiting to crash the bestseller list. It has a hip name, a celebrity endorsement, and alluring terminology, and it makes outrageous claims, including, "Eat all you want" and "Lose up to 30 pounds in three weeks." To its credit, it advocates a low-fat, high-fiber, almost-vegan eating plan (the type of diet that has been shown to help lower cholesterol), but few people will lose weight when allowed to live high on the hog, calorie-wise.

    The Hawaii Diet is based on Dr. Terry Shintani's Mass Index of Food (SMI), based on the number of pounds of a given food it takes to provide a day's worth of calories. The idea of the diet is to eat foods with a high SMI, such as celery (SMI=32.8), lettuce (SMI=39), and papaya (SMI=31.2) and avoid foods (some of which can still be part of a healthy diet) with a low SMI, like peanuts (SMI=0.9), bacon (0.8), and butter (SMI=0.8). To help you follow the plan, Shintani includes meal plans, recipes, and tips on how to make the diet work best for your eating habits, plus six ancient Hawaiian spiritual principles that are meant to enhance your Hawaiian Diet experience. While you will probably lose weight on the Hawaii Diet, some people may find it hard to follow, especially because the SMI is given for less than 200 foods. There are definitely better weight-loss books on the market, such as The 20/30 Fat and Fiber Plan. --Ellen Albertson

    Product Description:

    Finally, an all-you-can-eat weight loss program that really works.

    (Lose up to 30 pounds in three weeks with no calorie counting!)


    The phenomenal new weight loss program that has swept the Hawaiian Islands is now available to you! Created by a medical doctor and used by the state's governor and other community leaders, this unique program combines the ancient wisdom and health secrets of the Islands with the latest nutritional breakthroughs. The result is an all-you-can-eat program that produces steady, lasting weight loss and dramatic health benefits.

    Here are just some of the elements that make the HawaiiDiet incredibly effective:

      No calorie counting or portion restriction \t
      Foods that actually promote weight loss \t
      Up to a 30-pound reduction in 21 days \t
      Lowered cholesterol and triglycerides \t
      Lowered blood pressure \t
      A boosted energy level (you'll want to take on the world!) \t
      A fresh perspective that will help you stay healthy for a lifetime \t
      Dozens of exceptionally delicious recipes that will make mealtime an unprecedented delight

      Dr. Shintani's step-by-step process shows you how to use the power of your mind and spirit to achieve your weight loss and health goals. He also introduces you to the revolutionary Shintani Mass Index, a remarkably easy way to evaluate the weight loss effect of foods and to choose those that help you burn fat.

      Plus, you'll get the complete Three-Week Menu Plan, which includes 21 days of daily menus and loads of recipes that make this diet a gourmet pleasure. Don't miss "Hula Grill's Ginger Pineapple Chicken," magnificent in a stir-fry sauce...spicy, full-flavored "Barbecued Baked Beans"...or hearty, filling "Chunky Two-Bean Chili," a favorite that's even better the next day.

      Seize this chance to return to the source of good health with a program that works with nature and time-tested knowledge to bring your body and soul into balance. The HawaiiDietand#153; is a groundbreaking way of eating that will help you align your physical and spiritual health for a renewed, re-energized life.

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