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    Dressed to Grill: Savvy Recipes for Girls Who Play with Fire

    Brooks, Karen
    Morgan, Diane
    Darmon, Reed
    Adams, Beth

    Chronicle Books
    Published: March 1, 2002
    ISBN: 0811831396

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    Book Description
    Some say the barbeque is the sacred altar of a man's world, but Dressed to Grill, by Karen Brooks, Diane Morgan, and Reed Darmon, offers recipes and tips to help women lead a backyard coup. The slightly sophisticated and sometimes unique recipes, not all meant for the barbecue, are written with a fun and light tone for today's contemporary woman--very Sex in the City meets Martha Stewart. But beyond the fun, jokes, and sometimes-canned silliness, the authors have provided good information, starting with which grill to buy and the necessary tools. In more than 50 recipes, the authors have provided some interesting ways to prepare vegetables, meat, seafood, and even some desserts on the grill. Recipes of note include the Waistland Salad, an interesting blend of flavors using jicama, chiles, and oranges, as well as the authors' updated version of a classic Caesar Salad, dubbed here as Forget Caesar: A Bang-Up Cleopatra Salad. The book does throw a number of low-fat dishes into the mix along with some refreshing alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. --Teresa Simanton

    Product Description:
    Women take back the light! Finally, a grilling cookbook that puts gals in charge of the coals. Dressed to Grill is certain to appeal to the way women cook today: fast and furious, with, of course, a healthy nod to low-fat ingredients. Here's every aspect of modern grilling girl-dom-from Animal Magnetism Steak for that hot date to How Could I Be Sarong if the romance goes sour. Toss in some wild drinks and a chapter with tips on how to light a grill, what charcoal to buy, as well as what types of wood work best for smoking, and girls everywhere will be declaring their grilling independence.

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