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    How to Cook Meat

    Schlesinger, Chris
    Willoughby, John

    Morrow Cookbooks
    Published: November 1, 2000
    ISBN: 0688161995

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    Book Description
    Want to learn about meat? Really learn? Then How to Cook Meat is your book. In great and enjoyable detail it explores beef, veal, lamb, and pork--which cuts to buy, what cooking methods suit each, how to judge doneness, and much, much more. Authors Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby, responsible for the bestselling Thrill of the Grill, also provide more than 200 explicit recipes that comprise a wide range of dishes, from prime-rib roasts to hearty stews, lamb-shoulder braises to grilled pork fillets--and they even cover innards and specialty cuts such as ham hocks. It's hard to imagine a meat lover who wouldn't benefit from this comprehensive yet approachable investigation.

    Staring with illuminating notes on butchering and meat grading, the supermarket versus butcher meat-buying issue, and other related matters, the book then provides ample notes on cooking techniques. Recipes for the major meat types follow, organized usefully by cut size and tenderness; these treat the most melting cuts, which can stand quick cooking, to the tougher (though often more flavorful) ones that demand braising or stewing. Particularly attractive recipes include Sage-Rubbed Roasted Loin of Beef with Shallot-Bourbon Sauce; Veal, Sausage, and Fava Bean Stew with Lemony Greens; and Traditional Dry-Rubbed Saint Louis-Style Pork Spareribs. With additional recipes for the likes of hash browns and rice, beans, and vegetable sides, plus useful tips, nomenclature, and substitution notes, the book is a real addition to the kitchen library, though it won't remain shelved for long. --Arthur Boehm

    Product Description:
    Meat is back, and this is the book for everyone who wants to celebrate and savor its uniquely enjoyable and satisfying flavor.

    How to Cook Meat takes the guesswork out of meat cookery. Specifically written with the home cook in mind, it will erase the confusion that many of us feel when we walk up to the meat counter or turn on the oven.

    Not sure whether you should buy rib chops or loin chops? Want to know about a steak that is more tender than a T-bone but costs about one-third as much? Looking for a pork roast with great flavor but no more fat than a boneless, skinless chicken breast? The answers to these and hundreds of other questions about beef, lamb, pork, and veal are right here.

    In this comprehensive cookbook, there are more than 250 imaginative recipes for everything from steak, prime rib, and lamb chops to more unusual cuts such as veal shanks, fresh ham, and beef short ribs. In fact, whether it's custom-ordered from the uptown butcher or off the shelf at the local supermarket, there's hardly a cut of beef, pork, lamb, or veal that you won't find here.

    With the companionable guidance of Chris Schlesinger and John (Doc) Willoughby, you'll learn how to disregard the phony hierarchy of meat values so you can coax tender, satisfying meals out of cheaper cuts of meat as well as baby along the expensive ones. You'll also find out how to talk to butchers so you really get what you want, and how to match each cut of meat to the proper cooking method. The authors shatter common misconceptions about meat cookery -- you'll learn, for example, that the shape of a roast, not its weight, determines how long it should be cooked.

    Plus you'll find basic techniques for getting more flavor out of today's leaner meats, as well as ten-step guides to stewing, braising, grilling, and roasting.

    Even those of us who are eating less meat these days want to be sure that it is truly delicious every time; with this book that wish will definitely come true. With fantastic recipes spanning the world's flavors, with the technical facts about each cut of meat right on the same page with the recipe, this is the handbook for cooking today's meat.

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