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  • Library Label Organizer Deluxe software is becoming obsolete and is replaced by Book Organizer Advantage, a new database management software.
  • We recommend our new software to all PC users with Windows 11, 10, or the latest version.
  • We still provide support to all users of our Organizer Deluxe Series, but we do not plan to release significant updates.
  • Click here to review, download, install, and evaluate our new Book Organizer Advantage Database software.

1. Simple database template included
2. Easily enter data
3. Predefined label templates
4. Print barcode labels
5. Print spine labels
6. Flexible label printing features
7. Database Add-ons

1. Simple database software for printing library labels:


  • includes ready to use database template
  • sort records by any field
  • search your data by any field
  • and more..

label database template with sample records (item title, item barcode, call number, user fields)

2. Easily enter/view data

Easy to use for the beginner, feature-reach and powerful enough to satisfy advanced users.

  • enter data using simple data entry forms (data entry by typing)
  • import data from text, excel files
  • speed up data entry procedure with copy/paste record feature
  • speed up data entry procedure with record templates
  • .. and more

3. Predefined ready-to-use library labels

Application comes with several predefined label templates. Predefined templates let you quickly define your own labels.

4. Barcode labels

Print library barcode labels (this template includes item title, barcode, library name, and item location)


5. Spine labels

Print library spine labels:

6. Flexible label printing features

  • Supports the most popular label types.
  • Supports laser printers, inkjet printer.
  • Start printing from any label on a sheet.
  • Create multiple copies of the same label.
  • Preview function.
  • Select font type, font size.
  • .. and more

Print Labels, select data fields: Print Labels, select label type: Print Label, select barcode type: Preview, start from any position:

8. Database Designer

Database Designer: supports modification and customization of database templates included in our Budget Manager software solution. Designer supports creation of new databases. Designer/Organizer: supports extension of your database system with templates from our additional database templates.

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