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This feature is new in all Organizer Deluxe and Organizer Pro database solutions.

New Send Email function (Web menu) allows sending email messages directly from the main window (previously it had to be done through Email Address data field).

You can send email message in the following ways:
1. Your database has Email Field type. Click with right mouse on the email field and select Send E-Mail command. You can send email message to one, all, or selected email addresses listed in the Organizer.
2. Select Web/Send Email command from the main menu.
3. Select Print/Print Customized Documents from the main menu. Select HTML Template for your report and then select Email Report.

Handy Email has a new option called use HTML Template. It allows you to select an HTML document (for example a View Template) from View subdirectory. If HTML Template is selected, Send function would send the message in HTML format including pictures if there are any.

screen sample from Order Organizer (send invoice to client)

handy email, send email from organizer

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