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Version v4.1
Released April, 2016
Upgrade Cost 42 US$
New Features
  • Improved color palette.
  • Improved Repair Data File function.
  • Improved compatibility with Windows 10.
  • Some internal fixes.
  • New database templates.

Version v4.0
Released March, 2013
Upgrade Cost 42 US$
New Features
  • Improvements in Import from Text file.
  • Improvements in Send Email.
  • New database templates.

Version v3.9
Released June, 2012
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-3.7 to v3.9 42 US$ (from 3.8 to 3.9 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • Some internal bug fixes and improvements.
  • Improvements in Print Reports.

Version v3.8
Released October, 2011
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-3.6 to v3.8 42 US$ (from 3.7 to 3.8 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • Some internal bug fixes and improvements.

Version v3.7
Released June, 2011
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-3.5 to v3.7 42 US$ (from 3.6 to 3.7 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • New LoadDb command for Taskbar.
  • Improvements in Print Customized Documents and View template functions.
  • Improvements when creating a copy of an existing database - the drop-down lists can now be copied.
  • Predefined Taskbar with many ready to use commands for some Organizer Deluxe solutions.

Version v3.6
Released January, 2011
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-3.4 to v3.6 42 US$ (from 3.5 to 3.6 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • New Task Bar.
  • Improved import from text files.
  • Many new database templates.

Version v3.5
Released October, 2010
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-3.3 to v3.5 42 US$ (from 3.4 to 3.5 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • Download Script Files function sometimes erased all local script files - fixed.
  • Table Field sometimes incorrectly calculated large numbers - fixed.
  • Image capture feature fixed (did not work correctly with Windows 7)

Version v3.4
Released June, 2010
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-3.2 to v3.4 42 US$ (from 3.3 to 3.4 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • Improved compatibility with Windows 7.
  • Is EMPTY operator in Filter function.
  • Multi-line Fields can now be used in Filters.
  • Automatic Update check on startup.

Version v3.3
Released March, 2010
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-3.1 to v3.3 42 US$ (from 3.2 to 3.3 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • Download Template function is now available directly from Organizer (no need to use Designer for it).
  • Corrected BDE installation.
  • Improved compatibility with Windows 7.

Version v3.2
Released November, 2009
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-3.0 to v3.2 42 US$ (from 3.1 to 3.2 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • Preview On Screen function in Import From Text File window. Allows testing first 3 records from the text file.
  • Import From Text File improvement - it imports correctly even if only some fields have delimiters (Excel often creates text file like that).
  • Divider bug fixed - dividers were not displayed if the order of tabs was changed in the right-panel.
  • Fixed scrolling problem - when View or Browser page was scrolled using the mouse wheel it caused scrolling in the Table Of Contents (left panel).
  • New Verify Backup File function in Restore window (available in both Organizer and Designer).
  • New option when Restoring from the full backup (All Databases) - you can now restore just one database.
  • New function in Designer: "Restore / Verify Data from Backup" - can be used when Organizer doesn't start.

Version v3.1
Released May, 2009
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-2.9 to v3.1 42 US$ (from 3.0 to 3.1 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • New Task List option.
  • Improved Print Labels functionality: space breaks to new line (useful when printing spine labels).
  • Improved table field: new commands included in the popup menu.
  • Improved html field: new commands included in the popup menu.
  • New Quick Load feature: speeds up the database selection/loading procedure. On the File menu, click Quick Load.

Version v3.0
Released October, 2008
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-2.8 to v3.0 42 US$ (from 2.9 to 3.0 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • New field type: text autoincrementing field for generating unique identification codes (invoice numbers, purchase order number, barcode numbers).
  • New options for Autoincrementing fields.
  • Improved Data Fields Layout functionality (database Designer).
  • Improved script functions for retrieving data from the Web.
  • New Direct Import data from the Web. (example: Book Organizer Deluxe; look for book items on, Library of Congress online catalogs; import items from the browser).

Version v2.9
Released November, 2007
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-2.6 to v2.9 42 US$ (from 2.7,2.8 to 2.9 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • New options for Autoincrementing fields.
  • Improved Print Label Wizard.
  • In Standard Reports when "Fields in Rows" layout is used setting the Width of a graphic field to 0 will result in printing the graphic field with its original width.
  • New options for Reminders.
  • Improved BDE Registry Keys update for Vista compatibility.
  • Help file on mapped drives did not display - fixed.
  • Sometimes the panels were resized incorrectly when the main window was minimized (Corrected).

Version v2.8
Released May, 2007
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-2.5 to v2.8 42 US$ (from 2.6,2.7 to 2.8 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • New help system.
  • New Import Graphic Files from a Folder.
  • New Import/Export data from/to Excel 2003 XML Format files.
  • New, added compatibility with Windows Vista.
  • 10 new database solutions: Asset Organizer Deluxe, Membership Organizer Deluxe, Junior Organizer Deluxe, Agenda Organizer Deluxe, Exhibition Organizer Deluxe, Request Organizer Deluxe, Calendar Organizer Deluxe, Coach Organizer Deluxe, Event Organizer Deluxe, Camp Organizer Deluxe.

Version v2.7
Released January, 2007
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-2.5 to v2.7 42 US$ (from 2.6 to 2.7 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • Web Auto-Search and Auto-Catalog: It allows to search the Internet for information. The results of the web search you can easily move to your database for further analysis. You can use this feature in our software solutions that already have predefined auto-search and auto-cataloging scripts/rules or you can create your own. Web Auto-Search and Auto-Catalog is predefined in the following database solutions: Book Organizer Deluxe (search by ISBN number), Music Organizer Deluxe (search by UPC number), Movie Organizer Deluxe (search by UPC number), Small Library Organizer Pro (search by ISBN number). More information about this new feature you can find on the Internet:
  • New Save Record and Save Record Mode features. Save Record saves the current record without moving to another record. Save Record Mode is useful especially on a network in a multi-user environment when many users are accessing the same database.
  • Print Labels: improved functionality and margin error corrected. It allows to print data on very narrow labels (e.g.: Spine Labels for books).
  • New Refresh Grid button below the left panel - it can be useful on a network in a multi-user environment. If some users make changes to some records the grid may display out-of-date information. Clicking on Refresh Grid will update it.
  • Record Locking option - Options/Security. It may be useful on some networks (depending on performance) to use Optimistic Record Locking rather than the default Pessimistic Record Locking.

Version v2.6
Released April, 2006
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-2.2 to v2.6 32 US$ (from 2.3-2.5 to 2.6 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • Search Tool Bar - allows quick and convenient access to the Search function without the need to open a separate Find window.
  • Views Tool Bar - allows the user to quickly save and restore the current view of the database. The View includes: Filter Options, Sort Options, Grid (Left Panel) Layout, Colors, Fonts, Main Window Position, View Template.
  • Lock function (a small button at the bottom-right corner of the main window - allows the user to lock the program without closing it.
  • Bug fixes: Date Format was not used correctly for date fields in Print Customized Documents. Calculated Column Headers of the Table Fields were incorrectly displayed in View and Print Customized Documents. Simple Text Fields did not prevent the user from making changes when Locked option was used.

Version v2.5
Released October, 2005
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-2.2 to v2.5 32 US$ (from 2.3, 2.4 to 2.5 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • Email Data Fields - Use Native Email Engine popup menu option is now saved.
  • HTML Report - pictures are now correctly sized according to the Width setting.
  • Numeric Data Fields have 2 new popup menu options: Locked and Set Lock Password. If Locked is checked the contents of the field cannot be changed.
  • Filter tab in both Print Standard Report and Print Labels. They contain 3 filter options: 1) Print All Record - No Filter. 2) Print Selected Record - Currently Active Filter (works like before). 3) Print Selected Records - Filter Template (you can select a Filter Template from a drop-down list). Create Filter button opens the Filter dialog box where you can create a new filter template.
  • Date Fields can now be used in Calculated Fields.
  • Read Only Mode check box at the top of the right panel (on the Status Bar) now allows the user to quickly switch between Read Only and Read-Write Mode. It is safer to use Read Only Mode if you are just browsing the database because there is a smaller chance that you will accidentally change something.
  • Radiobutton and Checkbox fields can now be used in Find window. You have to serach for a value of "0" to find unchecked Checkbox fields and for a value of "1" to find checked Checkbox fields. To search for Radiobutton fields use the item index such as 0, 1, 2, etc.
  • New File/Switch User function (main menu) allows you to log in into a different user account without the need to restart the program.
  • Improved Print Customized Documents.
  • New free database solutions for registered users: Business Expense Organizer Deluxe, Digital Document Manager, Document Organizer Deluxe, Employee Expense Organizer Deluxe, Message Organizer Deluxe, Notes Organizer Deluxe.
  • Some bug fixes.

Version v2.4
Released June, 2005
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-2.2 to v2.4 32 US$ (from 2.3 to 2.4 upgrade is free)
New Features
  • The record buttons are replaced by a record grid on the left panel. The record grid allows you to display image fields and displays more info.
  • Backup function has a new option "Backup All Databases". This is a one-step, complete backup.
  • Find function has new Find Results options: 1."With the Exact Phrase": the entire phrase (Text To Search For) must exist in one data field; 2. "With At Least 1 of the Words": at least 1 of the words (Text To Search For) must exist in one data field; 3. "With All of the Words": all of the words (Text To Search For) must exist in one data field but not necessarily in the same order; 4. "With None of the Words": none of the words (Text To Search For) must exist in one data field;
  • New "Edit HTML Template" button in the View page toolbar. It allows creating and editing the View Template.
  • New Send Email function (Web menu) allows sending email messages directly from the main window (previously it had to be done through Email Address data field). It has a new option called use HTML Template. It allows you to select an HTML document (for example a View Template) from View subdirectory. If HTML Template is selected, Send function would send the message in HTML format including pictures if there are any. Handy Email
  • New free database solutions for registered users: Bug Tracker, Frequently Asked Question, Knowledge Base, ToDo database solutions.
  • Some bug fixes.

Version v2.3
Released February, 2005
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-2.2 to v2.3 32 US$
New Features
  • Numeric Fields have a new popup menu item called Currency. If set this option causes a Windows Currency Character to be displayed in front of the number.
  • Phone Fields and Simple Text Fields have a new popup menu item called Set Entry Mask.
  • When printing a Standard Report in Column Layout the simple text fields are now auto-wrapped.
  • When printing a Standard Report using "Fields in Rows" Layout the Width can now be specified for Graphic Fields.
  • Individual data fields in labels can now be left- center- or right-justified. They can also have Bold, Italic, Underline attributes set.
  • Print From Current Record option in Reports, Labels, and Customized Documents.
  • New Replace function options: Replace All Fields and Replace One Field With Another Field.
  • Export/Import To/From Text File function has 2 new buttons: Load and Save.
  • Simple Text Fields and Memo Fields have 2 new Popup Menu functions: Insert Current Date and Insert Current Time.
  • The Record popup menu has 2 new functions: "Copy Record to Another DB" and "Move Record to Another DB".
  • The Maintenance window has 2 new functions: "Copy Records" and "Move Records".
  • Print Report and Print Labels have a new From Record set of radio-buttons. It can be set to First or Current.
  • Print Customized Documents has a new Print From Current Record option.
  • Simple Text Fields have the following new popup menu functions: Locked and Set Password.
  • Backup and Restore functions now include the list files.
  • Update Lists function now correctly updates lists in Keyword Mode.
  • The Attachment Fields have a new Run popup menu function.
  • Improved network functionality: sorting records, filter function.
  • Some bug fixes.

Version v2.2
Released October, 2004
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-1.9 to v2.2 32 US$
New Features
  • New Company/Organization data fields in Options. On this page you can enter information about your organization or company. You can use Organization / Company data fields in your customized html reports.
  • Print Customized Documents (Print From View HTML Template) has now a text editor. It can be displayed by clicking on Edit Template option. Changes made to the template can be saved by clicking on Save button. Data Fields can be inserted into the template by selecting a field and clicking on Insert Field.
  • New Drop-Down List functions Locked and Set Lock Password (accessible through the popup menu) allow you to lock a drop-down list. The locked drop-down list does not accept any keyboard input and you can only select items from the drop-down list. If a password is set the locked option can only be changed when a correct password is entered.
  • Increased maximum number of fields that can be used in the reports and labels (now up to 300).
  • Full Borland Database Engine is now installed with the trial version. It fixes database management problems. It allows to import and test any database solution listed in our database solution center.
  • Reported bugs are corrected.

Version v2.1
Released March, 2004
Upgrade Cost from 1.0-1.9 to v2.1 32 US$
New Features
  • New Spell Check, Thesaurus, Edit in MS Word functions can be accessed from a popup menu of Simple Text, Drop-Down List, Multi-Line Text, and Multi-Line HTML data fields. These functions require MS Word 97 or higher to be installed on the same computer.
  • Print from View HTML Template function allows printing one or more records using a View HTML Template. Those templates are the same as used in the View panel. It is a convenient way to print invoices and other types of mail-merge documents.
  • New Options in Summary: summary by date, week, month, quarter, year, day of week.
  • Paste into Record from Clipboard Using Template function allows you to copy text from the clipboard into the current record. It uses a template file to separate the text into data fields.
  • Improved database templates in some Organizers: Stamp, Collectibles, and Hardware Organizers

Version v2.0
Released November, 2002
Upgrade Cost from v1.0-1.9 to v2.0 32 US$
New Features
  • New Print Bar Codes function. Bar Codes can now be printed on labels.
  • New Warn If Duplicate Record checkbox in Options warns if a newly added record is a duplicate.
  • Improved Filter function. New All Of and Contains options.
  • Maximum Number of Data Pages in the layout was increased from 10 to 15.
  • Keyword Mode - new popup menu option for Drop-Down List control.
  • New Copy Record To Clipboard function copies the current record to Windows Clipboard.
  • New Copy Record To Clipboard From Template function copies the current record to Windows Clipboard using a template text file.
  • Improved Search and Replace function. Remove File Path option was added in the Replace function.
  • New Command-Line Parameters: read_only and read_write.
  • New Record pull-down menu offers easy access to the right-panel (Recode Details Page) popup menu functions.
  • New Export To Text using Template function (Advanced/Export).
  • New Hide/Show Picture function speeds up the record browsing process.

Version v1.9
Released May, 2002
Upgrade Cost from v1.0-1.4 to v1.9 32 US$
Upgrade Cost from v1.5-1.8 to v1.9 Free
New Features
  • Improved Details page. You can rename the right panel tabs (Part 1, Part 2,...) in Designer (Data Fields Layout).
  • Improved Table Field function. The column order and widths are now automatically saved and loaded in Table View (Table function).
  • Improved External Graphic Field. New Edit popup menu function for editing External Graphic Fields. It only works if you have a graphic editing software registered with Windows for a given file type. For External Graphic Field, when Capture function is followed by Save function the image will now be correctly renamed.
  • Improved Summary function. Summary function has now a new "Day of Week" option for a summary by a Date field.

Version v1.8
Released October, 2001
Upgrade Cost from v1.0-1.4 to v1.8 32 US$
Upgrade Cost from v1.5-1.6 to v1.8 Free
New Features
  • Improved Table Field function: Table Field has a new popup menu item called Insert File Attachment. When you have a file name in a table field (File Attachment) it is underlined and double-click on it launches the associated application.
  • Improved Table Field function: In a calculated column if the column is not totaled it makes the calculation even for the Totals row.
  • Improved Table Field function: In Table Edit window there are 2 new functions (buttons): Export (to a text file) and Import (from a text or DBF file).
  • New function: You can launch Designer from Organizer (File/Designer). You can launch Organizer from Designer (Organizer Deluxe push button).
  • Improved Restore function: New "Restore Mode" option in Restore window - it has 2 possible values: "Restore to Original Database" and "Restore to New Database".
  • Improved Print Labels function: images are now scaled in the Print Labels function (previously, large images could not have been printed).
  • Improved External Graphic field: link to a graphic file is not deleted from a database even though the path to the image is not valid (example: CDROM that contains media files is not inserted into a CDROM drive)
  • Improved Export To / Import From Text File function: new Memo Fields Delimited By option.
  • New function: you can now add the database name to the command line (it must be a real file name taken from Load window)

Version v1.7
Released June, 2001
Upgrade Cost from v1.0-1.4 to v1.7 32 US$
Upgrade Cost from v1.5-1.6 to v1.7 Free
New Features
  • New Fast Find function (Incremental Search). The Fast Find function allows you to display records according to the letters entered into the Fast Find edit box.
  • New Total function in the Report Wizard. You can include totals for numerical fields on your report.
  • New Edit Table Field function. You can easily define or modify table field layout and arithmetic formulas.
  • Improved Table Field layout options.
  • Improved Calculated Field layout options.
Bugs fixed in the new v1.7:
  • During the search, click on the Close button produced a run-time error.

Version v1.6
Released April, 2001
Upgrade Cost from v1.0-1.4 to v1.6 32 US$
Upgrade Cost from v1.5 to v1.6 Free
New Features
  • Export To/Import From XML files (Advanced/Export or Advanced/Import) functions.
  • Export/Import Record integrated with Web dB Server (Browser tab).
  • Online Search function in Search window.
  • View default layout improved.
Bugs fixed in the new v1.6:
  • When new fields were added in Designer, right-click on Record Buttons produced a run-time error.
  • Filter function did not display the correct Date Format for Date fields.
  • After updating online to version 1.5 on systems using non-US numeric formats a run-time error occurred during startup.
  • When a new record was added e.g. using Capture From Web Page function and Organizer Deluxe was closed by clicking on the close box ("x" box) the new record was duplicated.
  • Sometimes in non-stop search mode the first record was displayed in addition to the found records.

Version v1.5
Released January, 2001
Upgrade Cost 32 US$
New Features
  • Internal changes in the Organizer Deluxe database engine. They increase the record display speed more than 20 times (databases with more than 1000 records) and improve performance on the network.
  • Improved functionality of the Handy Email function. You can create one email message that will be automatically personalized for each receiver.
  • Other improvements: enhanced Graphic Field, enhanced Designer, reported errors corrected.
  • Improved functionality of the Designer: new Web dB Server functions.
  • Improved functionality of the Organizer Deluxe: new Web dB Server functions.

Version v1.4
Released June, 2000
Upgrade Cost Free
New Features
  • Improved functionality of the External Graphic Field: new Thumbnail function.
  • Better support for registered users with access to the Internet: new Online Update function and new Online "Database Template" Download function.
  • Improved functionality of the Designer: all character fields could be resized.
  • Improved functionality of the Formatted Record: one line character fields support formatted record function.

Version v1.3a
Released February, 2000
Upgrade Cost Free
New Features
  • Maintenance release. Reported errors corrected.
  • Improved integration with the Internet. New QuickFill Forms function.

Version v1.3
Released January, 2000
Upgrade Cost Free
New Features
  • New Data Field Types. Organizer Deluxe (Designer) supports the following new data field types: new "Radiobuttons" field, new Checkbox field, new Autoincrementing field, and improved Calculated field.
  • New Export / Import from/to Netscape bookmarks or Microsoft Internet Explorer favorites.
  • Improved integration with the Internet. New Organizer Favorites and new AutoFill Forms function.
  • Improved Printing Functions. New print "From page To page" function. New "Group Reports By" functions.
  • Improved Backup Function.
  • Improved Table Field. Table field supports calculated columns.
  • New Read Only Mode function.

Version v1.2
Released September, 1999
Upgrade Cost Free
New Features
  • New Find Duplicates function. This function allows you to display and/or delete duplicate records based on a selected data field.
  • New Reminder function. You can create reminder messages that are associated with a selected database record.
  • Improved functionality of the View Page. HTML template files accept keywords at any position. There are several ready-to-use HTML template files that show how data fields can be integrated with the Internet resources.
  • Improved functionality of the Designer.
  • Improved functionality of the Multi-Line Edit box. You can select a horizontal scrollbar.
  • Improved functionality of the Drop-Down List field (Maintenance/Edit Lists). Load list elements from a text file. Save list elements to a text file.
  • Improved functionality of the Filter function. New one of option.
  • Improved functionality of the HTML Edit field. New expand and view in a browser functions.
  • Improved functionality of the Table field.
  • Improved functionality of the Summary window. The summary window can generate HTML tables.

Version v1.1
Released June, 1999
Upgrade Cost Free
New Features
  • Improved functionality of the Replace function: Insert In Front, Append To The End.
  • New Formatted Record function. The Formatted Record function automatically creates the content of the selected multi-line text or multi-line html field from the existing data fields and the template text file (*.txt, *.htm, *.html,.....). You can find this function in the Maintenance window (Formatted Record).
  • Improved functionality of the Filter function. New "One Of" feature. Select records from the database that contain search words defined in the "One Of" edit box.
  • Reported errors corrected.

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