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Loading transfer set

Load transfer set function will help you select previously defined transfer set and load it automatically into the Transfer Manager window.


To load transfer set

  1. On the View menu, click View Transfer Manager. Or, on the toolbar click on the Transfer Manger button.
  2. In the Transfer Manager window, click Load button. It will display the Load Transfer Set dialog box.
  3. In the Transfer Set box select the transfer item.
  4. In the Load Type section select Replace (to replace the content of the Transfer Manager window) or Merge (to merge with the content of the Transfer Manager window). Click OK.
  5. The transfer set is loaded into the Transfer Manager window. To start the transfer click Start.



To downlaod and/or upload files, and/or execute script commands that are included in the transfer set you do not have to connect to the remote site. Auto FTP will use information already stored in the transfer set.

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