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Address Organizer Deluxe
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Over 50 free templates, ready-to-use with Address Organizer Deluxe
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Organize Your Business and Private Contacts.

User comment about software:
" I would like to mention that your oganizer is the best of which I have seen on the market. The user friendliness, and workable fields makes it worth it's price, and a great tool."

User comment about software:
" I believe you have the best portable product on the market and I am pleased to have found it. "

User comment about software:
" I've spent many hours looking for a good address organizer. I installed about 20 of them before I came across yours. Yours is the best one I've seen. It's easy to use and flexible. I don't buy a lot of software, but I'm about to. A very good piece of work. "

User comment about software:
" After reviewing 7 or 8 other programs of this type, this is far and away the best of the lot. "

Comment about Address Software:
"It has everything i've been looking for in one package. great. "

Comment about Address Software:
" Have tried several different address organizers. Like yours the best. "

Comment about Address Software:
" I downloaded Address Organizer & ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I am a person who likes to keep everything organized; therefore, from now on PrimaSoft will be the only site I will have in my Favorites folder under Organizer Software Programs!! "

Comment about Address Software:
" Most full-featured address organizer, for home users, that I ever seen. Thank you"

Comment about Address Software:
" Congratulations on an excellent piece of software. "


  • for Windows
  • CDrom or download
  • 30 days risk free
  • price 65$

  • 5/5 stars: " Outstanding in all respects. One of the best of its class." Software Awards

    "a great download for personal or business use" Comments


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