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Collectibles Organizer Deluxe - windows software for collectors.
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Collectibles Organizer Deluxe
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Over 50 free templates, ready-to-use with Collectibles Organizer Deluxe
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Inventory Software Tool for Collectors

Comment about Collecting Software:
"Good program. I have had to adjust it to accomodate my autograph collection, but it appears to be working properly. "

Comment about Collecting Software:
" The Collectibles organizer is the best I have seen anywhere. This one is a must have, must register, must pay for!"

Comment about Collecting Software:
" I have a collection of about 40,000 matchcovers, medium size by collector standards but way too much to keep track of without a system. I want to trade or sell about half of the collection and focus on fewer categories. Organizer Deluxe was outstanding for that purpose. I used Designer to create a database that met my needs. Data entry is easy and positive, including the automatic save. And there is so much repetition that a template or just copy and paste save time. So far very satisfactory. "

Comment about Collecting Software:
"Have been looking for a good Inventory program to inventory our valuables and can include JPG pictures. This looks exactly what we were looking for. "

Comment about Collecting Software:
" Thank you so much! I have to tell you this is the first Shareware program I've ever tried that I liked enough to register. First I liked the program, and now the support !"

Comment about Collecting Software:
" I've been using the program for a month and find it excellent for my collection. I'm very impressed."


  • for Windows
  • CDrom or download
  • 30 days risk free
  • price 65$

  • 5/5 stars: " Outstanding in all respects. One of the best of its class." Software Awards

    "a great download for personal or business use" Comments


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