Organizer Advantage is powerful yet easy to use database manager for Windows.
Advantage Designer lets you modify our solutions or easily create new databases.
Take control of your data with our simple or buinsess database software solutions.

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Compare Deluxe/Pro with Advantage

Organizer Deluxe, Organizer Pro (old) Organizer Advantage (new) Summary
General Info
Users Personal, Business
Platform Desktop, laptop, tablet, or server computers with Windows.
Interface, Design - User interface was originally created for Windows 7 systems.
- There are users who prefer "classical" style of application.
- User interface created for Windows 10.
- Supports skins.
Organizer Adantage: Getting Started Videos, Skins.
Records, Tables, Databases No limits on the number of records, tables, or databases in the system
Basic from $75
Business from $245

Basic from $75
Business from $145
Business licenses support linked tables, multi-user mode, data viewer, network Installation
Data Administrator Panel Both programs offer the grid and data entry forms. Advantage offers two display modes, access to all features is fast and easy.
Sort, Search, Filter, Replace Advantage gives more flexibility and power: quick search, sort, filter.
Print Reports, Labels Printing is similar in both programs. Advantage offers quick preview feature: print reports.
HTML Custom Printing Advantage provides several features that simplify HTML Custom Form creation: HTML Reports.
HTML Wizard Advantage lets you create 2 level html reports/catalogs: HTML Report Wizard.
Statistics, Custom Views Advantage offers custom views and statistics feature. Create simple SQL queries: statistics, custom views.
Multilanguage, Unicode Advantage supports Unicode (UTF-8), an international encoding standard: book inventory in Spanish.
Database management
Designer Advantage offers powerful Database Designer: Advantage Designer.
Database Engine
BDE, Borland Database Engine

Firebird SQL
Advantage offers SQL Database Manager.
Network Installation Advantage is using Firebird SQL database engine, it runs better on the network.
Importing Data With Advantage, in simple cases, we provide free custom database design services and/or free data transfer.
Backup, Auto Backup
Custom Views, Statistics
Database Viewer Protect the access to the main application with a password and let other users review the data using Viewer application: Advantage Viewer.
New Features, Support We will add many new features to our Advantage.

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