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Question/Topic: Build Database / Analyzing Data

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To aid in creating your own database template, begin by brainstorming what type of data you would like to store and what field names you will need. During this process also decide on the type of data entry control you will need for each field; for instance, simple text, drop down list, email address etc.

Referring back to our Inventory organizer, we will need to store information such as the tools name, the type of tool or what category it will fit under such as office or garden tool. We could also store information such as where this tool is stored, its value and its condition. In addition we could also have information such as the product support and maybe some room for notes.

In total, all of these eight types of information will require the following nine field names:
Tool name
Product support phone
Product support web
Short Notes
Long Notes
For each field we will need to select the most suitable field type and data entry control. So for instance, Category, Location, and Condition could all have Character field type and drop down list data entry control. Value could be of Numeric field type with two decimal places. Support phone will be of Character field type and Phone Number data entry control, while Support web will also be of Character field type, but of Web Address data entry control. And finally, Tool Name and Short notes would be of Character field type and Simple data entry control, and Long notes would be of Memo field type and Simple Multi-Line data entry control.

We have now planned out our organizer template, which will make the job of actually creating it much easier.

field name field type size data entry control
TOOLNAME Character 200 SimpleText
CATEGORY Character 40 Drop-Down List
LOCATION Character 40 Drop-Down List
CONDITION Character 40 Drop-Down List
VALUE Numeric Numeric Simple
PHONE Character 20 Phone Number
WEB Character 200 Web Page Address
SHORT Character 200 SimpleText
NOTES Memo Multi-Line Text

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