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Question/Topic: How to create a simple report in HTML form?

How to create a simple html report?

How to create a document with the data from my organizer that I can share with other users?

1. On the File menu click HTML Report.

2. Click on the small "..." button to select a folder. Your HTML report will be saved in this folder.


  • Click on the Data Tab.
  • Select a data field in the All Data Fields and click Green Arrow button.
  • Data fields that are listed in the Selected Fields box will be included on the report.


  • Click on the Report Elements Tab.
  • In the Report Type section select 1-Level.
  • Unselect Advanced options (Page Attributes, Page Header, Page Footer).
  • Select Page Body and click Define.

Select Tabular, click OK :


  • In the Save As window verify folder name.
  • Enter the report file name into File Name box (library_sample.htm).
  • The report file name has to be in the form file_name.htm or file_name.html


  • Start Windows Explorer.
  • Go to the folder where you saved your html report.
  • Double click on the file to open it (or click with the right mouse button on the file to display popup menu, select Open)


  • The report opens in your browser.
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