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Question/Topic: How to print warehouse/stockroom "below minimum" report?

How to print below minimum report, reorder items report.

  • Start our Stockroom/Warehouse Software, click File/Load Database menu command and open Items database.
  • Items database has the following database fields:
    - INSTOCK (ONHAND): number of items in the warehouse (stockroom), items received (INQTY) minus items put away (OUTQTY).
    - MINQTY: minimum quantity. For the safety of the warehouse there should be: INSTOCK >= MINQTY.
    - OVERMINQTY: over minimum quantity, this is calculated numerical field:
    This field allows to define filter for the whole database: list all items that should be reordered (have INSTOCK quantity below minimum).
warehouse/stockroom all items:
warehouse software, all items
  • Define filter.
  • On the Advanced menu, click Filter
  • Select OVERMINQTY and click Add
  • In the Define Filter box select "<=" and enter 0,
  • Optional: Click Save to save the filter into a template.
warehouse software, filter window, select OVERMINQTY data field:
warehouse system, define filter

warehouse software, define filter window, define filter OVERMINQTY <= 0:
stockroom software, over minimum quantity

warehouse/stockroom, filtered items are displayed in the software:
inventory below minimum
  • Define Warehouse Below Minimum report.
  • On the Report menu, click AllRecords/Print Standard Report
  • Select data fields that will be included on the report, define column width for each data field.
  • Click Preview to verify report layout.
  • Optional: Click Save to save the report into a template.
warehouse software, define report:
warehouse sample report, define

save report into a template:
save report into a template

Inventory below minimum, sample warehouse report:
inventory below minimum report

  • How to return to all records display
  • Click with the right mouse button on the Normal Filter, select All Records
warehouse software, display all records:
warehouse display all items

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