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Question/Topic: Stockroom, Warehouse software solution, how to start?

Step 1:
Enter your stockroom/warehouse items into ITEMS database.

  • Names of all fields explain to you what type of information you are supposed to enter.
  • Use "userfields" for your specific data entry requirements.


  • You have to enter only the ITEMNAME value to operate your stockroom/warehouse/inventory system.

(step 1) Enter your stockroom/warehouse/inventory items:

stockroom software, inventory database

Step 2:
Enter incoming items (transactions-in) into ENTER TRANSACTIONs IN database.

  • Click File/Load Database menu command. Select EnterTrIn database. Click Load
  • Enter general information about incoming transaction (transaction date, who entered transaction, transaction reference information: order number, transfer number,...) .
  • Incoming transaction number is created automatically by the program.
  • Double click on the ITEMS field/table to enter incoming items.

(step 2) Enter incoming transactions (general transaction information and then incoming items)

stockroom software, incoming transactions

Step 3:
Enter incoming items: How to process incoming transactions

(step 3) Incoming items transaction window (barcode processing):

warehouse, incoming transaction, auto processing

Step 4:
Enter outgoing items (transactions-out) into ENTER TRANSACTIONs OUT database.

  • Click File/Load Database menu command. Select EnterTrOut database. Click Load
  • Enter outgoing transactions and outgoing items the same way as you entered incoming transactions.

Stockroom solution databases in the system:
Inventory (Items): enter your inventory items
EnterTrIn: enter incoming transactions
EnterTrOut: enter outgoing transactions
TrLogIn: automatically records incoming items
TrLogOut: automatically records outgoing items:

small warehouse system / load database window / databases

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