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   How to build customized check in-out inventory tracking software system?


Databases included in the package contain only minimum number of data fields. Those fields support the following functionality:
- track items by item name and item id (barcode) number
- track borrowers by name and id (barcode) number
- process check-in and check-out transactions (manually or with a barcode scanner);
- track due dates;
- bar code processing (optional);
- fine processing (optional);
- reservation processing (optional)

Our databases do not include fields that describe items and members of your facility. (Example: library software solution will contain different item and borrower data fields than laboratory, tool, or document tracking solutions). Those fields have to be added by you.

You can:
1. Use Check In/Out Organizer in the form provided.
2. We offer ready-to-use customized check-in and check-out solutions, you can download and try them:
      Small Library Organizer Pro
      Equipment/Tool Organizer Pro
      Movie Library Organizer Pro
      Music Library Organizer Pro
      Software License Tracker Pro
      Check In/Out Organizer Pro (loan/return items in large quantities)
3. You can modify Check In/Out Organizer Pro, please read below topics.

Our Check In-Out Organizer Pro consists of four databases: Borrowers database, Items database, Loans (check-in and check-out transactions) database, Fines database.

  • Borrowers database allows you to maintain information about users of your facility.
  • Items database allows you to maintain information about objects that will be rented (books, documents, videos, tools, inventory items..) and register check-out and check-in transaction.
  • Loans (Transactions) database is created automatically and this database keeps track of all activities in your facility.
  • Fines database automatically records fine related transactions: late return fine, fine payment.

Build you own check-in/check-out inventory software solution.
To build your check-in/check-out inventory system you need 4 databases with the minimum number of required data fields, additionally you add data fields that you need.

We already created a package with four databases and with the minimum number of required fields. If you are satisfied with the functionality of the software (Example: your can download and try Small Library Organizer Pro) but not with data fields included in our databases then:

  1. Download Check In/Out Organizer Pro Software Package (Minimum).
  2. Install Check In/Out Organizer Pro on your computer.
  3. Start Designer, click Modify Database.
  4. In the Select Database windows select Items and click OK.
  5. In the Modify Database window click New Field.
  6. In the New Database Field enter field name, select field type, and enter field size.
  7. Click OK. Repeat this procedure for all your fields.
  8. Click Save to save all your changes.
  9. The Field Layout Designer is displayed with the list of old and new data fields.
  10. Click check box in front of your fields to insert and define functionality of the field. Important: Do not click check boxes of the already listed fields (TITLE, BARCODE, LOAN). Repeat this procedure for all your fields.
  11. Repeat 4 - 9 procedures for Borrowers database.

Example: Modify Database window with new data fields:

customized tracking software, add fields

Example: Field Layout Designer window

customized tracking software, define layout

Check In-Out Organizer Pro software package, databases

  • Items database structure:
    TITLE, character, size: 220 (enter item title)
    BARCODE, character, size: 60 (enter item bar code)
    LOAN, character, size: 1 (specialized field)
    add more data fields that you need.
  • Borrowers database structure:
    NAME, character, size: 100 (enter person name)
    ID_BARCODE, character, size: 60 (enter person bar code)
    FINES, character, size: 1 (specialized field, displays items from the Fines database)
    DUE, numeric (specialized field, automatically calculates total due amount)
    add more data fields that you need.
  • Fines database structure:
    NAME, character, size: 100 (person name)
    DATE, date type (fine date)
    AMOUNT, numerical (transaction amount)
    WHAT, character, size: 10 (transaction type)
    NOTE, character, size: 80 (transaction notes)
    Check In-Out Tracking software makes automatic entries to this database.
  • Loan database structure:
    Item, character, size: 220 (item title)
    LoanedTo, character, size: 100 (person name)
    LoanDate, date (loan date)
    DueDate, date (due date)
    ReturnDate, date (return date)
    Notes, character, size: 80 (notes)
    Check In-Out Tracking software makes automatic entries to this database.

  • How to define bar coding and fine processing functionality?
    How to process check-out (loan transactions)?
    How to process check-in (returns transactions)?
    How to create bar code entries for existing records?
    How to print bar code labels (item labels, borrower id cards)?