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   Internet Organizer3.6
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Please note, the software on this page is no longer supported by PrimaSoft PC. (Discontinued software)

New version for Windows: Internet Organizer Deluxe

Internet Organizer is a complete program that allows individuals, small businesses, and corporations to organize, catalog, and manage their World Wide Web addresses (favorite sites, business or personal Web addresses) on their PCs. Organizer is intuitive and easy to use for the beginner, at the same moment feature-rich and powerful enough to satisfy the most advanced users.

Using a notebook-like interface (complete with alphabetical tabs), the program helps you to store all the information you might need to track: Web site title, URL address or other precise location, e-mail address, keywords, category, a detailed description of the site, plus any additional comments to help you identify it, optionally you can include a graphical image corresponding to the site.

Master your Internet resources with user-friendly features : Internet Organizer takes full advantage of Windows capabilities and new technologies (scanners, digital cameras direct entry support, integrated with browsers and email programs). Brings together the powerful and flexible data inventory features that make it not only fun to use, but also increase your productivity and reduce time spent cataloging your Web resources.
View, Retrieve Information : Internet Organizer allows you to enter and maintain data (text and graphics) about your Web addresses in one place. The program organizes and displays the data efficiently, so that the information is readily accessible in a variety of ways. You can arrange information any way you want to view it. Flexible search, powerful filter, and multilevel sort functions allow you to find and retrieve information easily.
Easily Process Data : Report Wizard, Label Wizard, HTML Generator Wizard let you create quality, professionally looking documents, web pages, inventory reports with color and graphics. Summary and graph functions will allow you to analyze your data.
Internet Ready : You can view WEB Pages of the selected records directly in the Organizer's Browser Page (Microsoft Internet Explorer browser). You can create and send quickly e-mail messages to anyone on the Internet directly from the Organizer (Handy Email function). WEB site address and e-mail address fields are also integrated with your favorite Internet Web browser and e-mail programs. Without any additional HTML editor, with a click on the button, you can create a set of linked web pages that can be put immediately on your Web server or you can just view your data with your favorite browser.

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