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E-Mail List Organizer Deluxe

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Ready to use email lists management solutions:email lists manager comes with database templates that are ready to use right away. Databases: Email list manager simple, email list manager basic, email list manager advancedE-Mail List database templates.

Customize or create email lists database easily: You can start using E-Mail List Organizer with the database templates included in the software package. If the template already created is not exactly what you are looking for you can easily create a new one with Database Designer.

Data fields included in the solution: Simple email list database solution contains the following database fields: FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME, EMAIL, STATUS, DATE, CUSTOM1, CUSTOM2, CUSTOM3, CUSTOM4, CUSTOM5, CUSTOM6, CUSTOM7, CUSTOM8.

Search, replace: The database Search function helps you to locate email lists records that contain the piece of data you are looking for. With this software, you are able to locate a piece of text in any field with the capability of moving to the next email lists record filling your search criteria.

Print reports: Report wizard lets you create quality, professionally looking documents, email lists reports, email lists summaries, phone and email lists, and more. You can save settings to a template for future reuse.

Enter, modify data: Standard record view pages allow you to easily enter, modify records and generate data specific commands.

Browser viewer: View your email lists information in virtually any way using browser viewer and html templates.

Table viewer: View and process your email lists data in rows and columns using table viewer.

Filter email lists records: You can limit the number of records displayed in the software. You can specify a criterion for one or more fields. The more criteria for the filter you specify, the better chance of obtaining the range of records that interest you.

Sort email lists records: The program organizes and displays the email lists data efficiently, so that the information is readily accessible in a variety of ways. Sort your email lists database on any field, e.g. on email lists name, company, category, type...

Summary, graph, statistics: A summary of records in the database can give you some insight into distribution of your email lists data. Displaying a Graph can make it easier to grasp the overall picture and uncover trends in your email lists data.

Backup databases: There is a set of useful functions that allow you to protect your email lists data.

Personalize, customize: Extensive options allow you to set your personal preferences. All settings are easily accessible from one page.

HTML wizard: The Organizer's HTML wizard lets you create a set of linked web pages containing anything from simple email lists reports to professionally designed web catalogs.

Network (multi-user environment): Organizers Deluxe can be used on a network in a multi-user environment. Borland Database Engine (BDE) or, more specifically its DBase component, is used for database access.

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