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Request Organizer Deluxe

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Ready to use request management solutions:request manager comes with database templates that are ready to use right away. Databases: three different database templates for organizing requests, complaints, suggestions, feedbacks, todo items .. Request database templates.

Customize or create request database easily: You can start using Request Organizer with the database templates included in the software package. If the template already created is not exactly what you are looking for you can easily create a new one with Database Designer.

Data fields included in the solution: Main database solution contains the following database fields: request general information (date, title, description, person name,..), request details (status, type, category, dates, person responsible, solution log, ..), request resolution description, notes, source of the request (who, where, when).

Search, replace: The database Search function helps you to locate request records that contain the piece of data you are looking for. With this software, you are able to locate a piece of text in any field with the capability of moving to the next request record filling your search criteria.

Print labels: Print Label Wizard lets you print selected request fields on any label. There are already templates for all American and European Avery label formats. Print Label Wizard supports the most popular bar code types.

Print reports: Report wizard lets you create quality, professionally looking documents, request reports, request summaries, request group reports, request location reports, and more. You can save settings to a template for future reuse.

Enter, modify data: Standard record view pages allow you to easily enter, modify records and generate data specific commands.

Browser viewer: View your request information in virtually any way using browser viewer and html templates.

Table viewer: View and process your request data in rows and columns using table viewer.

Filter request records: You can limit the number of records displayed in the software. You can specify a criterion for one or more fields. The more criteria for the filter you specify, the better chance of obtaining the range of records that interest you. filter database

Sort request records: The program organizes and displays the request data efficiently, so that the information is readily accessible in a variety of ways. Sort your request database on any field, e.g. on request name, company, category, type...

Summary, graph, statistics: A summary of records in the database can give you some insight into distribution of your request data. Displaying a Graph can make it easier to grasp the overall picture and uncover trends in your request data. database summary

Backup databases: There is a set of useful functions that allow you to protect your request data.

Personalize, customize: Extensive options allow you to set your personal preferences. All settings are easily accessible from one page.

HTML wizard: The Organizer's HTML wizard lets you create a set of linked web pages containing anything from simple request reports to professionally designed web catalogs.

Network (multi-user environment): Organizers Deluxe can be used on a network in a multi-user environment. Borland Database Engine (BDE) or, more specifically its DBase component, is used for database access.

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