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Question/Topic: How to check database file name and application folder?

How to check where my Organizer Deluxe or Organizer Pro is installed?

How to find Organizer Deluxe or Pro main folder?

  • On the File menu, click Load Database.
  • In the Available Databases box click (select) database name (A).
  • Read the value in the Real File Name box (B).
  • In this case the file name together with the path is:

The Database file name is: DATA_4.DBF
The Data root folder is: C:\COL28S\DATA\
Organizer Deluxe Main folder is: C:\COL28S\

Organizer Pro sample:

The Database file name is: DATA_1.DBF
The Data root folder is: C:\SLIB30S\DATA\
Organizer Pro Main folder is: C:\SLIB30S\

Data root folder is a default folder where all database files are stored.
Organizer Deluxe/Pro Main folder is a folder where executable file is installed (deluxe.exe or orgpro.exe).

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