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Small Library Organizer Pro
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Church Library Organizer Pro
School Library Organizer Pro
Simple Library Organizer Pro (*),
Handy Library Manager
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General Info
Users Schools, Colleges, Universities, Churches, Synagogues, Non-profits, Museums, Communities, Professionals, Corporations, Business Organizations, Military Organizations, Prisons, Very Small Public Libraries What library software do you need?

Small Library Organizer Pro user interface originally was created for Windows XP, 7 systems. There are users who prefer "classical" style of application.

Handy Library Manager was released in 2016. We keep it simple at the same time provide more library management features and betters support for new Windows.

Library Size
  • average library size is 4000-12000 items
  • there are specialized libraries that manage less than 500 items
  • we helped several libraries to transfer more than 20000 records (Handy Library Manager)

There is no limit on the number of items or patrons that you can enter.

Platform Windows Computers Windows Computers

Both programs install/run on your desktop, laptop, or server computer(s) with Windows.


Handy's SQL Database Engine runs better on the network.

Price 245.00 (one time payment) 345.00 (one time payment)

All features included. No limitations on number of items/members.

There is extra cost for Network License, Multiple Computers, or Support.

Library Features
Library Administrator Panel

Library features are easily accessible from administrator panel. Handy allows you to customize display with your library information.

Catalog, Patron Management

Handy supports: Member Expiry Date, Suspension Status, Date Added, Print Flag, Auto Barcodes, Pictures, Multiple Copies, Quantities.

Circulation Management, Circulation History

Handy Library records more information in check in/out transaction let you use this information in reports, statistics, data analysis. (example: student loans by class/teacher)

Auto-cataloging by ISBN, Add Books by ISBN, Add Movies/CDs by UPC

Check In, Check Out, Reservation, Renewal

Handy offers a lot of flexibility in the transaction window.

Check In, Check Out Simple Mode (Self-Checking Mode)

Library members process loans and returns in a very simple way.

Barcode Scanner and Manual Circulations

Handy is simplified, flexible, and gives you more power in check in/out/reserve/renew transaction window.

Automated barcode numbers

Handy generates unique barcode numbers for library items and library patrons.

Print Barcode, Spine, Card Labels

Handy offers more ready-to-use label templates.

Print Library Reports

Handy offers more predefined reports and statistics. There are easy to follow tutorials.

Patron Search: OPAC (desktop), OPAC (Web),

Handy Web/Desktop OPAC (search) is included in the package. Search module for Small Library costs extra $45. Small Library does not support Web Search.

Reservations, Fee Collection

Handy offers current, future fees. Fee Management is optional. You can turn it off.

Circulation Rules

Circulation rule definition is simplified in Handy. Handy supports fixed return date rule.

Book Basket (group books)

Handy allows you to group books into "baskets/containers". Process them in one check in/out transaction.

Periodicals, Serials, Subscriptions

Multiple Copies Feature in Handy lets you track periodicals, serials, subscriptions, or document versions.

Library Add-ons: Check In/Out Module, Search Module, Data Entry Module,

Handy offers separate data entry module.

Multiple Libraries: manage textbooks, equipment

Handy supports multiple libraries (textbook management), or we offer customized version for audio, visual, computer equipment tracking.

Database management
Database SQL (industry standard database engine) BDE, Borland Database Engine

Importing (spreadsheets, formatted text files, MARC)

We provide free evaluation of your sample file. We offer free data transfer.

Backup, Auto Backup

Handy supports auto backups.

Custom Views, Statistics

Multilanguage Support (Unicode)

Change Log File


In Handy you can move record(s) to old tables (items, members, loans). For example you can keep copies of not used or lost items in a separate table.


(*) All Library Pro solutions have the same features, there is small difference in data field names. Go Back

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