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Question/Topic: Text file format, separator selection?

You can import data from text files that have the following characteristics:

  • fields have to be separated from each other by: tabs, commas or another user defined character
  • fields can be delimited by: quotes or another user defined character
  • separator/delimiter character does not appear in your data
  • one record is listed in one line

importing from text files

Common problems:

  • Delimiter, separator collision: records will not be imported/exported correctly if the selected separator or delimiter occurs in your data.
    Solution 1: create a text file with a different field separator (~, @, $, %), select separator/delimiter that does not appear in your data.
    Solution 2: remove the character from your original data (do search/replace).
  • Excel: To export data from Excel to a text file, use the Save As command (select Text Tab Delimited). If a cell (data field) contains a comma, the cell (data field) contents are enclosed in double quotation marks. Do not use double quotation character as a separator or delimiter.
  • Import failed: Imported records do not display correctly: on the Advanced menu, click Maintenance. In the Maintenance window click Delete All Records.

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