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  • We still support all Small Library Pro users, but we do not plan to release significant updates.
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Question/Topic: How to customize Small Library Pro?

You should avoid changing the databases included in our library system unless you really have to do it and you know how to do it. Before you try to customize our Library Pro solution you are supposed to backup all your databases.

Customize Library software: All our database solutions come with the separate application Designer. Using Designer you can do the following:

  • Add new data fields to any database in the package (e.g. add picture field to Patron database)
  • Modify old data fields (change field size, change control type, ..)
  • Delete old data fields
  • Create new database
  • Import database solution that is listed in our solution center (WEB), e.g. you may download asset organizer template to track all library inventory items (computers, printers, tables, chairs, shelves, scanners, copiers, ...)

Build your own library system: If you want to make many changes we suggest to define new Library system. We have ready-to-use package with the data fields that are required to support check in/out transactions: Check In/Out Organizer Pro, How to build?

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