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Question/Topic: How to catalog new library items (practical advice)?

Our Library software comes with two databases: Library, WorkingItems.

  • Library database: this is the main database where you catalog all your library items. This database supports check-in and check-out transactions.
  • WorkingItems: This database has the same structure as Library database. You can enter library new items into this database. Move new records to Library database when all information is entered and items are ready for circulation.
  • Separate database for cataloguing library new items protects your main database from unwanted changes or other possible errors. Do not try to import new library items into Library main database.

How to copy/move one record from WorkingItems to Library:

  • Load WorkingItems database.
  • Select the item on the table of contents (left panel)(1).
  • On the Record menu click (2)
    1. Copy Record to Another DB (to copy record), or
    2. Move Record to Another DB (to move record)
  • Select a target database: Library.

copy move library record

How to copy/move all/selected records from WorkingItems to Library:

  • Load WorkingItems database.
  • On the Advanced menu click Maintenance
  • In the Maintenance window click
    1. Copy Records (to copy records)(1), or
    2. Move Records (to move records)(2)
  • Select a target database: Library.

library records copy move

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