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Question/Topic: Task/Job Manager Pro, how to start?

How to start using Task/Job Organizer Pro for Windows?

1. Enter personnel data into Personnel database.
2. Enter task/job data into Tasks database.

  • Press the New button on the Standard section of the Speed Bar, or select File/New Record from the application menu. A new record will be prepared for data entry, you will be positioned in the Details Page.
  • Simply enter your data in the fields on the Details Page.
  • The new record is saved automatically when you select another record , click on the New button, or Exit from the program.
  • There are required data fields: Personnel Unique Name (Personnel database), Task/Job UniqueName (TaskJob database).
  • Names of data fields explain what type of information you can enter.

Load Personnel database and enter your personnel data

task job manager, enter personnel data

Load Task/Job database and enter your task data

task job manager, enter task job data

Load Task/Job database, enter task cost data

enter task/job cost

Load Task/Job database, enter task activity data

task activity log

Load Task Cost database, enter/view all cost/expense records

task cost manager, cost and expenses records

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