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  • Hardware Organizer Deluxe software is becoming obsolete and is replaced by Hardware Organizer Advantage, a new database management software.
  • We recommend our new software to all PC users with Windows 11, 10, or the latest version.
  • We still provide support to all users of our Organizer Deluxe Series, but we do not plan to release significant updates.
  • Click here to review, download, install, and evaluate our new Hardware Organizer Advantage Database software.

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1. Hardware maintenance management solutions

PrimaSoft Hardware software allows you to organize and manage all hardware related data.

Hardware Organizer: database template helps you to organize and manage data about work done by your personnel on any new equipment and hardware.

Hardware solution template

Software Solution Template: Task Organizer. Database template helps you to manage data about maintenance work.

Task software solution template

Software Solution: Standard Tasks. Database template allows you to organize information about procedures that are followed routinely.

standard task software solution template

Software Solution: Knowledge Base. Database template allows you to maintain data about solutions, problems, frequently asked questions.

knowledge base software solution template

Additional templates: Organizer Deluxe is one of the most flexible, end-user-oriented database products on the market. If you are not sure how to build the database we list over 50 ready-to-use and free templates. Browse, download, and use fully functional solutions absolutely free of charge. Free Solution Center: Software solutions for Business and Home PC users

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