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Handy Equipment/Tool Manager v4.3

Handy Equipment/Tool Manager

Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Servers

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"... the price is right and the software has all required features ..."
"... a good balance between power and simplicity ... "

Manage your equipment and tools in seconds. Track where your tools are, who is using them, and when they are due back. Simple and easy-to-use for everyone. Download and try it now!

Easy-to-use, affordably priced

Handy Equipment/Tool Manager is easy-to-use, affordably priced, fully featured asset tracking and equipment management software solution for Windows.

Simple user interface helps you to quickly catalogue your equipment and tool items.

Check In, Check Out

Check out and check in feature lets you track who is using, when is using, and what items are overdue.

Labels, Reports

Label and report wizard allows you design and create professionally looking asset labels, barcode labels, or tags.

Data Entry

Flexible import tool feature lets you upload your equipment and tool data directly into our program.

How To Start, Software Tour

Equipment, tool management system: review software tour, review how to start tracking your tools and equipment with our windows application.


Organize three types of items: unique, inventory, consumable.

Used By

Construction, manufacturer, and service companies can manage any type of equipment and tools with our software. There is no limit on the number of light or heavy equipment or tools that you can manage in our inventory system. You can track where, who, and when all your company assets are used or placed.

Schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions selected our asset tracking software. Labs, electronic/computer departments, equipment libraries, school sport equipment rental facilities, video equipment departments, school office asset departments, small school warehouses, are using our Windows software solutions.

Hospitals, clinics, health care institutions, and non-profits use our items tracking software. You can keep track of who has what and when it is due back.

Recently, the following public and business organizations decided to track their tools, equipment, and other inventory items with our Handy Managers:

GE Aviation & Transportation, GSU TV Center, Ingersoll Services for Seniors, WESTROCK, Alaska Glazing, Inc., Arn Industries, Time and Alarm Systems, Albany State University, University Telecommunications Center, Around the Clock Maintenance, KDU University College, Kingston University London, RSG Aviation, PATH, Alternative Court Services, LLC, Chermik Communications, RSG Aviation, XEROX, Batjer & Associates, Inc., Van Mechanical Tools, Techevolution, Chermik Communications, Alternative Court Services, LLC, Yem Technology Pty Ltd (Australia), AMS Construction, PATH, Community Television Network (, Kingston University London, Cork City Libraries, British School of Geneva, FortisTCI Ltd. Southwest Aeronautics Mathematics and Science, Housing Authority of St. Louis County, St Ignatius College Librarian, Madison Correction Facility,

asset tracking software for :

schools, universities, and churches

construction and manufacturing companies

service and maintenance businesses

police, military, and fire departments

government and non-profit organizations

software and IT managers

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