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With Auto FTP Premium you can schedule auto-recurring transfers for any future date and time.

The most useful feature of Auto FTP Premium is the ability to schedule auto-transfers. Internet or Intranets has become overloaded with huge amount of transferred information and transferred files have become very large. Transfers are typically fastest at night or early in the morning. With Auto FTP Premium you can schedule any number of transfers for any future date and time - Auto FTP Premium will automatically connect to the ftp server, upload and download files and disconnect. It will also automatically reschedule auto-transfers when the line is busy or connection too slow.

Schedule ftp transfer

Transfer scheduler

ftp transfer scheduler

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" This program will automate your daily FTP needs automatically. Just plug in which reoccuring files you need to update to your site, and it does the rest. You can send files as often as every two minutes. ... " Keywords: ftp transfer sets, ftp template, templates, transfer set, download, upload, ftp scheduler, ftp batch Other key features: Auto transfer, transfer scheduler , Transfer Set , FTP Template , FTP Assistant , FTP Interface , Activity Log , Special Action , Wildcards , Zip and Unzip , Download Site, Folder , Upload Site, Folder , Delete Site, Folder ,

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