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"I would like to mention that your oganizer is the best of which I have seen on the market. The user friendliness, and workable fields makes it worth it's price, and a great tool. " .. read more library organizer, read comments
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Database Software for small libraries.

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library database software for small school, church, corporate libraries

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Databases in Small Library Organizer Pro:

Our computerized library system contains three main databases: library items, library patrons, and library loans.

Library administrators have access to all databases through Organizer Pro database management system.

Patrons have access to library catalogue through Windows OPAC search application or Online OPAC search application.

Circulation transactions are automatically recorded in the library loans (circulations) database.

There are three additional databases that are included in our Small Library Pro system: Reservations, Working Items, and Fines.

  • 1: Library Main database: enter information about library items.
  • 2: Borrowers database: enter information about library patrons.
  • 3: Loans (Circulations) database: entries are created automatically when check out and check in transactions are processed.
  • 4: Working Items (optional): use this database to enter new library items, when items are ready for circulations move them to Library Main database.
  • 5: Reservations (optional): entries to this database are created/modified automatically when reservation transactions are processed in the Reservation window.
  • 6: Fines (optional): entries to this database are created/modified automatically when the fine feature is enabled.
  • 7: ReadMe: help topics with links to frequently asked questions topics.
  • Other databases: advanced users can expand system and download any database from our solution center.

Database library software: FAQ

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"Here is what else you will discover the interface is not only well thought out but flexible enough that it can be made by almost anyone into the perfect solution for their library. What I mean is that Small Library Organizer Pro can be changed so that it can fit your particular needs. "
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Software requests:
Charter middle school, we want to upgrade our library system. Need a system database that will track our books with a check in check out feature.
How to start library: library primer
Move data, import library records

We have a multimedia center and looking for a software to track video and audio equipment. We want our students to check it in and out. There are about 1,000 pieces of equipment. We will need to print barcode labels and tag all items. We want to track/manage,  check-in/check-out of the equipment. The type of equipment includes cameras, tripods, projectors, speakers, audio recorders, microphones etc. Good support is a must. We need to track repairs/maintenance of the equipment.
Equipment and Tool manager, how to start
Databases included

Our church needs a library to organize various books, articles, music cds, and resources into one comprehensive library. We want to barcode scanning, self-check out option, and have an online catalog.
Library online catalog
Library self-check out option

We need each library assets to be checked out and later checked in and each borrower information saved in the database.

We need to catalogue a small corporate library. It should run on the company server and be accessed from the company ten workstations. The system should support our data fields. Customization is required. Would like to import data from other library. I want to input the identification numbers that we are using in our current book database.
Library network installation
How to start library: library primer

A small school with nearly about 200 kids. I have a very old library system, 40 years old. I want to restructure and upgrade our library database. I am looking for a reasonably inexpensive library solution. We need this for Windows.
Ready to use Library Software Solution

Our Training center is looking for a small library database solution. Looking for an inexpensive catalog system. I would like to allow employees to check - in and check - out books themselves. I would like to have a software system that supports the following: barcode printing, barcode scanning, simple self-service check-in/check-out. We would also like to connect the software with our active directory. Employees scan their id badge and then scan the book barcode to check-in or check- out a book.
Ready to use Library Software Solution

Barcode printing

Check out books
Library self-check out option

We need to track books in and out of library with barcode scans. We want to print list of overdue books by student name. We want to maintain the list of materials, status. Support bar code scanner. Separated database of books, students, and circulations.
Databases in the system

The value of the book is important to community libraries because they get donated so many books and seeing the value will be able to make them see if they should put it on the shelf or sell the book on Amazon. libraries need to generate money to stay open.
Library search module

I am looking for a small library database management software. It should do among other things, * Cataloguing of library materials, * examine library material circulation, * Public access catologue for all the library materials * Stock take * acquisition of library materials. Kindly give me your quotation including license charges if any. technical manager Integrated Technologies and Systems Ltd
How to start library: library primer

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