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How to print barcode labels, define barcode label report?

  1. In the Main Library window click Display Each Copy.
  2. Click on the Labels box and select New Labels.

Select data fields that will be included on the label.

The Print Labels window always starts with 3 preselected data fields. Usually you will unselect them.

  1. Click on the field in the Included Fields box to select the field.
  2. Click Red Arrow icon to remove the field.
  3. Remove ID and IDNO fields from the Included Fields box.

In this sample we want to create a label that includes a barcode and a title.

  1. Scroll down in the All Fields box, find TITLE field, then click TITLE to select it.
  2. Click the Green Arrow icon to include the TITLE in the Included Fields box.
  3. Select No Text Wrapping.

Select label type.

  1. Click the Label Type tab.
  2. Click on the Label Type box, scroll down, select "AV 5160 30 Address, ID, Barcode".
  3. Click Quick Preview to verify the label type selected.
  4. The quick preview displays BARCODE field in the text form.

Define barcode.

  1. Click the Barcode tab.
  2. Select BARCODE in the Bar Code Field box.
  3. Select CODE39 in the Bar Code Type box. This barcode type is very popular for library applications. It can be decoded by virtually any barcode scanner/reader. The barcode is also self-checking.
  4. Select Bar Code Height.
  5. Click Quick Preview.
  6. Click Save Labels to save the label design for the future use.

Save label design for the future use.

  1. Enter name into the Labels Name box.
  2. Enter label description into the Labels Description box.
  3. Click Save.

In the Print Labels window click Preview All.

  1. Use arrow icons to verify labels.
  2. Check the number of pages.
  3. Click Print icon to print.
  4. Click Close icon to close the Report Preview window.

How to create a report image for the predefined template.

  1. Use Magnifying Glass icon to set the report preview size. Try to scale to 30% of the regular size.
  2. Click Create Labels Image.

All saved reports and labels you can find on the Reports and Labels tabs.

  1. On the Label tab, in the Labels Category, click LIBRARY + COPIES.
  2. In the Labels list click on the predefined label report.
  3. The selected label report displays the report description and preview .
  4. Double click on the label name or click Preview/Print Labels to run the report.

Note: predefined reports/labels allow you to save a view (advanced search definition) in the report definition. The view is always executed when the report is run from the Library Administrator window. If the report definition does not include any view, then all records will be used in the report.

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