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Question/Topic: How to email overdue notices?

This feature is included in the Library solutions starting with version 2.1 (release date: March, 2009). You can upgrade your library solution: Library Upgrade.

Open Manage Loans

  • On the File menu, click Load Database. Select and load Library database.
  • Open Manage Loans windows:
    a. On the Loans/Returns menu, click Set Due Date Period/Limits
    b. Click on the Loan tab. Click with right mouse button on the Loan field to display pop-up menu. Select Manage Loans command.

How to email overdue notices?

  • Click Overdue (1) to display overdue items.
  • Overdue items are displayed in the table (2).
  • Click Email Overdue (3) button.
  • Verify the message header, body, and borrowers list in the Send Email - Overdue Notices (4) window.
  • Click Send (5) to email overdue notices.

library Manage Loans window, display overdue items, send email notices:
library software, display overdue items, email overdue notices

library Send Email window:
library send overdue email notices

Message Body template file (lib.txt).

  • The template file is stored in the C:\YOUR_INSTALLATION_FOLDER\DATA\lib.txt
  • If you want to change the format of this file you can edit it with any text editor (Windows Notepad). (example add your library name, library contact phone, library hours of operation,# )
  • You are allowed to use 3 keywords in your notices. <BORROWER> keyword will be replaced with the borrower name. <BOOK_LIST> keyword will be replaced with the overdue items. <DATE> keyword will be replaced with the current day value

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