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Question/Topic: How to define Barcode and Fine functionality?

Define Barcode and Fine functionality

  • On the File menu, click Load Database. Select and load Library database.
  • On the Search menu, click Process Loans or Process Returns.
  • In the Process Loans/Returns window click Show Options.
  • (A) In the Item Bar Code Field box select field that contains item barcode values. Select the first item in the box (NONE) if you do not want to use barcode functionality. The Item Bar Code Field box lists all fields from the Library database.
  • (B) In the Borrower Bar Code Field select field that will contain borrower barcode values. Select the first item in the box (NONE) if you do not want to use barcode functionality.The Borrower Bar Code Field box lists all fields from the Borrower database.
  • (C) In the Fine Options section define fine amount, fine type, and fine field. Select the first item in the Fine Field box (NONE) if you do not want to use fine processing functionality.

Note: there are already default fields and values predefined.

Process Loans/Return window

Auto Processing Mode

If this option is selected the program will automatically finalize the check-out (loan) and check-in (return) transactions, like in advanced library/renting software solutions.
Example of the Loan transaction:
1. Borrower bar code is scanned -> borrower is selected.
2. Program automatically activates Item Bar Code box.
3. Item bar code is scanned -> item(book) is selected and the loan transaction is finalized by the program.
4. The program is ready to process next book for the selected borrower, or click Clear to process next borrower, or click Close close the window.
If the Auto Processing Mode is not selected the user has to select command: Loan & Close, Loan & Next Item, or Loan & Next Borrower.

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