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Question/Topic: How to define/change library loan limits ?


Library loan limits:

  • You can define loan limit per item category
  • You can define maximum number of all loan items
  • You can lock library borrower if the unpaid fine exceeds ...

Open Manage Loans

  • On the File menu, click Load Database. Select and load Library database.
  • Open Categorized Due Date Periods and Limits window: On the Loans/Returns menu, click click Set Due Date Period/Limits (this command is only displayed when library database is loaded).

small library define loan limits

How to define library categorized loan limits?
How to define/modify library maximum number of item that can be loaned in total?

  • Select the field in the Use this Data Field to determine Max # of Loaned Items (1) box. For example you can select item TYPE data field. This field has values like: Book, DVD, CD, Journal, ...
  • Enter the value of the field into Field Value (2) edit box (for example: CD), enter the maximum number of items in the Max # of Loaned Items (3) edit box. Click Add/Edit button to add the setting to the Max # of Loaned Items list.
  • Repeat this procedure for other item types.
  • Note: You can define maximum number of items that can be loaned in total (4).
  • Note: You can lock borrower if the fine exceeds the maximum amount (5).

define libray loan limits, limit by category, maximum limit

Note: in the window above  there are following library due date periods and loan limits:
- books are loaned for 14 days
- DVDs are loaned for 7 days
- CDs are loaned for 30 days
- other items are loaned for 14 (default due date period)
- borrower is allowed to loan maximum 4 books
- borrower is allowed to loan maximum 2 dvds
- borrower is allowed to loan maximum 2 cds
- borrower is allowed to loan 6 items in total
- borrower is not allowed to loan additional items if his or her fine is above $10.

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