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Question/Topic: What are the supplies needed? Labels?

Our Library software is ready to use after installation. You do not need additional devices (bar code scanners, printers, or labels). You can process check-in and check-out transactions manually. There is an easy to use and efficient interface that allows you to choose patrons and books and finalize quickly loan and return transactions.

If you have a large number of books and patrons and would like to automate some procedures in our Library software you can do it. Our library software supports entries from a bar code scanners, allows you to print bar code labels (identification numbers) for books and patrons, allows you to process loan/return transactions with a barcode scanner. In this case we suggest to invest about 300 dollars and purchase:

  • ccd or laser barcode scanner
  • pack of durable labels (e.g. AV 6577, AV 5160,..)
  • laser printer

Where to purchase library supplies (spine labels, barcode labels, barcode scanners,..?

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