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Church Library Organizer Pro v3.2

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Software Overview

Church Library Organizer Pro is a complete database management solution for a church library. Our library software serves the library organization needs of any size churches. It will help with the following library tasks:

  • quickly catalog your church library items (books, videos, dvds, cds, ...)
  • record information about patrons
  • easily process loan and return transactions
  • record circulations in your church library

How to set up your church library: how to start ...

If your church has a computer network then you can share your church library data with all of your staff or members. You can control who can access, search, add, or modify library records.

Our database system is easy to use, we provide 24 hours email support, and there is web-based support and help. Library Software FAQ will help you to setup your church library software in minutes: Library FAQ.

Web Search/OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) (free)

Our library software comes with dataBase Browser/Viewer. Organizer dB Browser is a web-based application that enables you to share your church library (or other) databases over the Internet or Intranet.

Check In/Out Module (free)

Check In/Out module is a stand-alone application. Check In/Out Transaction module allows to process loan and return transactions without launching library software. Your church library databases are protected from unwanted modifications and users.

Software Benefits

  • Church library software Tour
  • Simple, easy-to-use: Ready-to-use templates and the user-friendly interface let you easily and quickly catalog your library items (books, dvds, cds, ...)
  • Fast cataloging: you can add new items in many ways: 1. Catalogue your items automatically by typing or scanning ISBN or UPC numbers. 2. Enter your books, dvds, cds by typing . 3. Import your items from other files (EXCEL, TEXT delimited, MARC files,..).
  • Quickly access your data: You can access and view your library database, member database, circulation database in virtually any way (Table Viewer, Browser Viewer, Form Viewer, Web Search Viewer)
  • Easily process data: Report Wizard, Label Wizard, HTML Generator Wizard let you create quality, professionally looking documents: book lists, book inventory reports, library circulation reports, member lists, book barcode labels, book spine labels, address labels, member cards, Web pages and html library catalogs, and letters with color and graphics.
  • Learn once use multiple times: You can use application for all your database needs. You can create your own library solution or you can try ready-to-use database templates: database solution center.
  • Save time organizing your records: Results of time consuming tasks or repetitive processes can be saved into templates.
  • Software for Windows
  • Network (multi-user environment): our library database system can be used on a network in a multi-user environment.

Additional Information

Our library software solution includes three databases:
- Library: manage and catalog all library collections (books, CDs, video tapes, DVDs...)
- Borrowers/Patrons: manage library member's information
- Loan Database: view, search circulation data; print summary reports
- Fine Database: manage fine transactions (optional)
- Reservation Database: manage reservation transactions (optional)

The following libraries found our library software easy-to-use and very affordable: catholic schools, churches, synagogues, clergy institutions, public schools, elementary schools, church schools, hospitals, universities, education centers, colleges, government departments, education institutes, christian schools, associations, non-profit organizations, businesses, consultants, societies, university departments, training institutes, academies, corporations, embassies ..

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