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Question/Topic: How to start, how to print invoice?

(Sales Orders Software Solution)

Step 1: Setup your company data

  • Click Options menu command. Click Company tab.
  • Enter information about your company/organization.
  • Name, address, phone, fax, web information will be included automatically on each invoice.
sales orders software: enter your company data

Step 2: Enter Customers data

  • Open Customers database.
  • Enter your customer general information.
  • The contents of the SHIP_TO and BILL_TO data fields will be included (automatically) on the invoice.
  • NOTE: CUSTOMER field should have a unique value, no customers with the same CUSTOMER value are allowed.
sales orders, customers database

Step 3: Enter items (product/services) data

  • Open Products database.
  • You can enter product name, category, price, stock, type, ... There are two user fields. If you have many products, enter values into category, type, custom1 fields.
  • Category or User Fields are useful for product selection (when you create sales orders), search, filter, summaries and analysis.
sales orders, products database

Step 4: Create sale order record and print invoice

  • Open Invoices database.
  • On the File menu click New Record, you can also click New button on the Tool bar.
  • New entry form (right side) is ready to accept data entries.
  • All data field names suggest you data entries. Some fields allow you to make selections (example: CUSTOMER, PRODUCTS,)
  • On the File menu click Save Record to save data.
invoice, enter ordered products

Step 5: Print invoice

  • On the Print menu click Print Selected Record and then click Print Customized Documents.
  • Select invoice_form_1.htm in the Available HTML Template.
  • Click Print to print invoice.
sales orders, print invoice

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