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Question/Topic: How to import only a group of search results (Import Rules)?

Import Rules

  • Import Rules are defined in the Rules text box. To review/define import rules click Import Rules tab.
  • Import rules define conditions for the imported items. The same format is used for Import and Update Rules.
  • The format of import rules:
    where op is the operator and can be one of the following:
    < less than
    <= less than or equal
    = equal
    <> not equal, not the same
    >= greater than or equal
    > greater than
    @ means contains, for example:
    is true if var1 variable contains mytext
  • Empty string: "" means empty string. You can define the following rule:
  • is true if AUTHOR field is empty (does not have any value).
    You can define rule like this when you want to update records from the Internet (for found items update Author field if the field is empty).

Update Records From The Internet. Update rules.

update records from the Internet

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