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Question/Topic: General Information - Web Auto-Search and Auto-Catalog

  1. How to find items on the web and catalog them automatically? (catalogue by ISBN, UPC number)
  2. How to retrieve information from the page displayed in your browser? (catalogue by title, author, keyword,.. search, catalogue from online search)
  3. Why I am not able to find some books using Library Pro web search procedure? validate ISBN number.

Advanced topics:
  1. How to search on the web for records that are already in your database?
  2. How to move the web search results to your database (field mapping)?
  3. Import, field mapping samples.
  4. How to import only a group of search results (Import Rules)?
  5. How to maintain your search results (practical advice)?
  6. How to customize the web search (script files)?
  7. How to customize the web search (scripting language)?
  8. How to update dewey decimal numbers?

Note: our help topics describe Web Search and Auto Catalog in relation to a book search. The book search in majority cases is by ISBN numbers. In the case of music (cds) or movies (dvds) or other items you follow the same web search rules as described for books. The one difference is that the music (cds), movies (dvds), or other items are searched by UPC code or other unique number.

This is general help for all programs that use Web-Auto-Search and Auto-Cataloging features. The following programs have predefined web search files/scripts:

  • Library Organizer Pro
  • Book Organizer Deluxe
  • Music Organizer Deluxe
  • Movie Organizer Deluxe
  • Web search could be customized. It means that you can modify script files. You can add definitions and code for your web book, music, or movie information sources. Actually you can create your own database and integrate it with your web information source. Please read help topics about web search scripts. Review script files that are already included in the software.

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