Organizer Advantage is powerful yet easy to use database manager for Windows.
Advantage Designer lets you modify our solutions or easily create new ones.
Take control of your data with our simple or buinsess database software solutions.

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easy-to-use database designer


Designer is an application that allows you to create one or several databases (it depends on the license you purchased). For each database you can add a collection of tables. When the table's structure is defined you can quickly choose data controls for you data fields and create data entry/view forms. You can view and process databases with tables and defined forms in Organizer Advantage. Organizer Advantage is a system that offers ready to use database management features.

Depending on the License you purchased you can create and manage:

  • one database with several simple tables of not related data (Address Book, Office Inventory, Password Book)
  • one database with several tables of related data; data from tables is related through the use of common fields (Equipment Inventory, Maintenance Transaction, Users, Locations)
  • multiple databases with simple tables or related tables

Designer: create databases with tables.

designer, database designer

Organizer Advantage: process data.

designer, organize advantage


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