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Custom Databases, Data Transfer, Free Services

Simple Database Manager and Database Designer for Windows computers.

Do you have your data in a spreadsheet file, a formatted text file, in another application, or still in a handwritten form?

Do you want to move your data to our product and use the same or similar data format?

Free / Simple Solutions

  • Send us a message about your needs (
  • Simple data analysis, data design, and data transfer services are free.

Payment / Complex Solutions

  • Service fee is $50/Hour

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"Everything is running very smoothly, and I am delighted with the new software."

"The fantastic support staff at PrimaSoft were able to import a CSV file from BIBL."

"This program is a thing of beauty!"

"They listen and respond to your exact needs and can often implement suggestions to make your user experience second to none."

"I was able to painlessly and immediately convert my old files with the customized changes to the database that I had implemented throughout the years."

"The stock research template you have assembled is fantastic, and I sincerely appreciate the effort."

"I have to say that the support I am receiving from PrimaSoft for Handy Library Manager is the best I have ever experienced."

.. Read more about custom databases and reviews from customers


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