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   Organizer Pro Solutions, how to start: > Manage Loans window (manage circulations):

Question/Topic: Manage Loans window.

Manage Loans feature is supported by all solutions that have specialized Loan data field (all Library, Equipment/Tool, Check In/Out, Asset Management database solutions).

Manage Loans window: explanation is based on the Small Library database solution.

In this screen you can:

  • view the history of all check-out and check-in transactions
  • display only group of items (overdue items, outstanding items, overdue and outstanding, all items, items that are due in the defined number of days, items that are due in on the given day, items that are loaned out by a borrower)
  • send email notices to all or selected borrowers with overdue (or outstanding) items
  • print overdue notices to all or selected borrowers with overdue (or outstanding) items
  • print summary reports
  • process return transactions for the selected items
  • sort loan transactions by item name, borrower name, and loan date
  • display borrower details for the selected transaction

to open Manage Loans window,
1. on the Loans/Returns menu click Manage Loans
2. on the Task Bar click Manage Loans
open manage loan window

to open Manage Loans window,
3. click with the right mouse button on the Loan data field
from the popup menu select Manage Loans:

Manage Loans window
- select the display option (overdue, outstanding, ...)
- define filter and order
- send email overdue notices
- print overdue notices
- process Return transactions:
library manage loan transactions

Manage Loans window
how to display transactions for the selected borrower:
- 1. select Overdue
- 2. enter 2-3 first letters of the borrower's name:
manage loans, display selected borrower

Manage Loans window, send overdue email notices:
- template file is stored in the lib.txt file (DATA folder):
- three keywords are supported: <DATE>, <BORROWER>, <BOOK_LIST>
manage loans, send email overdue notices

Send overdue email notice:
library overdue email notice

Preview/Print overdue notice:
print overdue notice

Preview/Print Overdue Items report:

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