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Question/Topic: How to maintain your web search results (practical advice)?

It is very practical to have a separate database for books that you catalog from the Internet.

Why you should avoid to work with one database:

  • Imported records will be listed according to your sort order, it will be hard to find/select them for further modifications. Only if your primary sort field is set to Entry Order your new records will be listed at the end of the database.
  • It is not safe to work with the large database containing hundreds of records.

We suggest the following:

  • Create database:
  • Create a new database with the same structure as your book/library database (all our library solutions include WorkingItems database, use this database for cataloging new items).
  • Search the sites, extract the data and import it into the new database.
  • Verify your new records and add missing information.
  • When records are in the ready to use form you can move them to your main database.
  • Move records:
  • On the Advanced menu click Maintenance.
  • In the Maintenance window click Move Records.
  • In the Move Records window select target database and click OK.
  • Records from the opened database/table will be moved to the selected (target) database.

How to create a new database with the same structure as the existing database.

  • On the File menu click Load Database.
  • In the Load Database window click New.
  • In the Create New Database window enter database name into the Database Name box and click OK.
  • In the Create New Table window select the database in the Create New Table From list box. Your new table/database will have the same structure. Click OK.

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