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We offer two simple library software solutions for Windows. Handy Library Manager comes with many library features and is very easy to use.

Handy Library Manager

handy library manager

Windows11, Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Servers

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"I am impressed with the simplicity and power of this software and the availability of training materials."
"The software is simple for anyone to use."
"The program is very reliable and easy to learn and use."
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Simple Library Organizer Pro 3.2

Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Servers

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Compare our small library software solutions:

Handy Library Manager
Simple Library Org. Pro
Libraries Designed for small and medium sized libraries. Used by Schools, Communities, Non-profits, Museums, Prisons, Private Libraries. Easy to learn: download now Designed for very small libraries.
Features Supports all standard and many advanced library features Support library basic library features: download now
Users Managed by librarians, library volunteers, teachers, students, and library members.

"The software is easy-to-use, even for those with limited computer and library skills and experience. ...",
"The software cost compared to the other vendors is very reasonable. ...",
"We chose your program because of cost, check out is done by volunteers. ...",

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user reviews, ratings
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Software Overview

Simple Library Organizer Pro is an easy-to-use Windows software tool that helps you to organize and manage your Library. It's a perfect choice for the following small libraries: school library, church library, corporation library, non-profit organization library, business library, specialized library,

  • Minimal computer and database experience required by library operator(s).
  • You are not going to be overwhelmed by database structures and large number of data fields.
  • Use more advanced features when your software and library experience grows.

Our library solution includes four simple databases:

  • Library: manage and catalog all library collections in a simple way (catalog books, CDs, video tapes, DVDs...)
  • Borrowers/Patrons: manage library member's information in a simple way
  • Loan Database: view, search circulation data; print summary reports
  • Fine Database: manage fine transactions (optional)

How to set up simple library software: how to start ...

Simple Library Organizer Pro is designed to manage the following activities of your library:

  • Catalog, search, and circulate all your library collections(books, CDs, video tapes, dvds, documents, equipment, ..)
  • Organize library members information
  • Keep track of the library circulation data (record check in/out transactions, display overdue items, view/print summary reports, ..)
  • Manage fine transactions (optional)

Features and Benefits

  • Simple Library Software Tour
  • Simple, easy-to-use: simple database templates let you easily and quickly catalog your library collections, organize members of your library, and process check-in and check-out transactions.
  • Manual or Automated cataloging: our simple library system supports manual cataloging (data entry by typing), automated cataloging (scan ISBN number or UPC code), direct cataloging (browsing and importing data from the web book resources), and cataloging from your data files (import from excel, text, marc,.. files).
  • Check In/Out module, a stand-alone application included: Check In/Out Transaction module allows to process loan and return transactions without launching library software. Your library databases are protected from unwanted modifications and users.
  • Easily process data: Report Wizard, Label Wizard let you create quality, professionally looking library inventory reports, circulation reports, collection reports, library member directories, address labels, book/cd/dvd spine labels, barcode labels, member id cards, reminder letters, and more ....
  • Learn once use multiple times: once your experience with our library database system grow you can easily find out how to use our database software in many other ways. If you decide that you would like to add a library equipment inventory database, staff database, library business contacts, or member request tracking system you can easily do it. You can use our software for all your database needs.
  • Network supported: you can use our library software on a single computer or on the network of computers (multi-user license required).

Simple Library Software free add-ons (advanced features):

Simple Library dataBase Browser Viewer
Library Check In/Out module
Database Designer

Software Awards:
software awards 5/5 stars: "Outstanding in all respects. One of the best of its class." Library Software Awards

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