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Handy Library Manager prison compilation.

Click here to review custom settings or download the prison compilation.

You only need PC with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, or Windows Server to manage your correctional institution library.

Review purchase options for your library:

Option 1 (low cost): $353.00-$412.95 (one time payment), on the ordering page select:

  • Handy Library Manager ($345)
  • 1 PC License
  • CDROM Delivery or Download
  • No Support
  • 1 Year Support ($59.95)

Option 2 : $440.00-$499.95 (one time payment), on the ordering page select:

  • Handy Library Manager ($345)
  • 5 PC License ($95)
  • CDROM Delivery or Download
  • No Support
  • 1 Year Support ($59.95)

Option 3 (best): $553.00-$612.95 (one time payment), on the ordering page select:

  • Handy Library Manager ($345)
  • Non-pofit License ($200), (unlimited one location license, includes network license, unlimited users).
  • CDROM Delivery or Download
  • No Support
  • 1 Year Support ($59.95)

Select suggested options, 30-day money back guarantee: Buy Now

Not ready to buy? In seconds you can manage your correctional institution library with our Handy Library Automation System for Windows: Try Now (prison compilation)

Please review the following questions and answers from similar libraries:

Question: The software will be installed in a prison and there is controlled Internet access. We need a library system that is working without the web access.

Our software requires only a desktop computer with Windows or Windows Server operating system to support all book and borrower management features.

Question: We are a prison library using our own barcode identification for our book inventory and the publisher's barcode. We are doing all data entry manually. Could we implement our barcode identification numbers?

Manual data entry is supported. Custom bar code values are supported.

Question: Our correctional institution has limited funds. Do you offer discounts for your library system?

There is very affordable non-profit license. Unlimited use and installation costs only $200 extra. With the purchase of the library system you receive free license for our Handy Equipment-Tool Manager for Windows.

Question: Do you accept purchase orders for your library system? We are not allowed to make orders on the web, is it possible to send you a check?

Yes, we accept purchase orders and payments by checks or bank transfers.

Question: Data entry forms and views offer too much data. There are many fields that we don't need, since we are a prison library. For example we don't use city, state, zip code, email, etc. Can I simplify book and borrower information?

You can customize data entry forms, how to modify entry forms for prison reading or other materials. Data display panels offer information in the form of html documents that support high customization flexibility.

Question: In our correctional facility we don't want everyone to have access to the main library application. Could we set a password access or define security levels?

You can set login names and password to all modules: main application, search (OPAC), check in/out, or data entry modules. Please review set your library options.

Question:Need for prison library computer - no internet available.

Our library system is fully operational without internet.

Can this Handy Library Manager be ran on a laptop? Does the CD have to remain in the computer while running program or can it be taken out and stored once the program is loaded? Can I assign my own catalog number? There will be no internet accessibility since I will be using in a small educational program in a prison is internet required to run program?

You can run our library system on the laptop. You don't need the CD to run the program. You can assign your own barcode numbers. Our library system is fully functional without the Internet.

Our inmates have a library that houses approximately 8000 books. Our state has tried several open-source library database programs in the past, but they have been cumbersome, buggy, and easily broken, ... read the whole review.

I am working with a small prison resource center. We are looking for library software for a medium size library that is run by volunteers. I have very much enjoyed the ease of access that Handy Library Manager provides. Prison Resource Center, review

We are a non-profit operating in two County Jails (Corrections Facility). Advantages of your library system: First, the price, then ease of use. The features allowed for customization to meet our specific needs and the relationship and kindness of primasoft in making the application available to our small non profit... read more

The staff and you in particular have made serious efforts to adjust to our jail library needs. I am truly impressed. David T.; LaPlata County Jail Library read more

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