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Organizer Advantage, How To Start

Simple Database Manager and Database Designer for Windows computers.

There are two types of Organizer Advantage Solutions: Simple and Business.

  • Simple Solutions: the package includes several ready-to-use single tables. Load tables, review structure, enter sample records. Then, decide which one you would like to use, delete the tables that you don't want to use.
  • Business Solutions: the package includes several linked tables. All tables are essential in the system. Therefore, do not try to delete any.

How To Start:

  • Organizer Advantage opens with README_1ST table. Review all topics (1).
  • Some topics (2) include links to the web pages to help explore solution-related features or benefits.
  • Every package includes several ready-to-use data tables. Click on the Table (3) drop-down box, open and review the table.
  • If you are not sure about the feature use the Help button (4).
  • Many elements offer a pop-up menu with commands.
organizer advantage how to start

Read about basics:


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