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Database application for the theatre archivist

"Setting up the new software and transferring the huge amount of carefully assembled data (which is constantly being added to and updated) was done speedily and with friendly guidance and support. Everything is running very smoothly and I am very pleased with the new software. "

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What a fantastic program! (book catalog)

"The wonderful support staff at PrimaSoft were able to import a .CSV file from “BIBL” into Book Organiser Advantage and customise the program to our exact requirements."

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I really like the product!

"The bean counter in me likes to keep track of expenses, medical records and home records, etc. This software gives me the ability to develop my own, simple apps to do this with and I have found no other as easy as this to use."

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Project cost tracking for small construction company

"This program is a thing of beauty! Let's go ahead and combine the tables as you suggested. Anything that can save me time and is a logical addition to the organizational operations of my business, I'm willing to visit."

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Accounting database, track client files

"They listen and respond to your exact needs and are often able to implement suggestions to make your user experience second to none."

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Archery Club Membership Manager

"I have been a Primasoft customer for 23 years because they provide powerful, solid database products that are easy to use, powerful, and work equally well in both the home and the office."

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Book database; track "review and comment the many books I read"; Spanish

"With the amazingly efficient and professional customer support of Primasoft, I was able to painlessly and immediately convert my old files, with the customized changes to the database that I had implemented throughout the years, into the new Organizer Advantage. I am extremely satisfied with the new look and the new features. "

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Stock research custom database

"The stock research template that you have assembled is fantastic and I sincerely appreciate the effort."

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I am truly impressed with support service

"I have to say that the support I am receiving from PrimaSoft for Handy Library Manager is the best I have ever experienced. "

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Database for my antique doll collection

"When I could find no suitable database for my antique doll collection, I searched online and found Primasoft Collectibles Organizer. The friendly and highly skilled specialists listened to my needs and very quickly customized their Collectibles Organizer for a large doll collection."

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Simple passenger manifest database template

"I went online and left glowing reviews for your company on several websites including Amazon. I appreciate the support. It is very rare to have this kind of service and I will tell everyone I know about Boat Organizer Advantage software."

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Book Card Catalog, School and Private Libraries

"We have multiple locations with school/private libraries containing up to several thousand or even over 10,000 books. We still use traditional card-catalogs and a stamp/sign-out system without patrons using library cards."

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How to transfer your book spreadsheet to Organizer Advantage? (YouTube Video)

"I am impressed with the simplicity and power of the Organizer Advantage and the availability of training materials."
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