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Book Organizer Advantage

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Book Database Features & Screens

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Book Databases

  • You decide how you are going to organize your book data.
  • Select from book database templates included in the package.
  • Create your own book database catalog with Designer.
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Auto Cataloging, Add Data Quickly

  • Easily add book information into your database.
  • Search your book information in the largest book library (Library Of Congress).
  • Search your book information in the largest online book store (Amazon).
  • If auto-cataloging is not working, we provide scripts that let you copy/paste rare book data into your book database from well-formatted web pages.
  • Importing data from spreadsheet files is also supported.
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Custom Book Databases

  • Create your own book database catalog with Designer. We provide free assistance. We can transfer your data.
  • With our Organizer Advantage, you can manage multiple databases with any information. We offer over 100 business and personal data management solutions, and all are free for registered users.
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Book Database Viewer, OPAC

  • Do you manage a small church, office, or school library? Would you like to let other users search the catalog? No problem, your library members can do this with the Viewer application.
  • Organizer Advantage Viewer supports the following features: sort, simple search, regular search, advanced search, print reports, print labels, statistics, custom views.
  • In this sample book database is sorted by CATEGORY + AUTHOR data fields. The book information is listed in the book card catalog format (by Author).

Print Reports

tour: book databases, print reports
  • Print book simple list reports.
  • Print book summary reports.

Print Report Sample

tour: book databases, print report sample
  • Print grouped reports.
  • Print reports in table or row form.

Print Labels, Barcode Labels, Spine Labels

tour: book databases, print labels
  • Print book barcode labels.

Print Spine Labels

tour: book databases, print spine labels
  • Print book spine labels.
  • Print library cards.
  • How to print labels?

Analyze Book Data

tour: book databases, statistics
  • The Statistics window allows you to display prebuilt book database statistics or define new ones.
  • A summary by a Category will tell you how many books there are in each Category.

HTML Reports

tour: book databases, create html web pages with your book data
  • You can create a simple HTML report with all your books.
  • You can create a simple list report on one page.
  • You can create a grouped report, up to two levels, and your book database is displayed on the set of HTML pages.

View Book Data

tour: book databases, custom views
  • There is no limit on the number of ways you could display your book data in the View Page.

Explore Other Features

  • Browse and view your book data in various ways using the flexible record grid, data entry/view form, letter tabs, one or multiple-level sort feature, and the view panel.
  • Efficiently edit book data with copy/paste record features, global search/replace, or advanced SQL commands.
  • Find book information with quick, regular, or advanced search features. Define simple or complex filters.
  • Export your book data to a spreadsheet application for further analysis.
  • Protect your book data with a backup feature.

Design, print author, title, subject card catalogs

book advantage: design and print title, author, subject book card catalogs
  • You can design and print title book card catalog, author book card catalog, or subject book card catalog.


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