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2024, January

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Optimizing Your Software with Firebird SQL Queries

Our software makes it easy to work with data without learning complex SQL commands. However, taking the time to understand SQL can help you use the software more effectively. SQL, or Structured Query Language, is the foundation of database data manipulation. Learning how SQL commands work gives you more control over your data. This means you can customize your interactions with the software to meet your needs better.


Advantages of Windows Software Over Cloud Applications

In an era dominated by the cloud and web-based applications, the role of traditional Windows software might appear to be diminishing. However, it's essential to recognize that Windows software still offers many distinct advantages, making it a valuable choice for many users and businesses. This article will explore these advantages and highlight why Windows software remains relevant and preferable in many scenarios.


Custom Wine Inventory Database For BC Wine Enthusiast

"I currently reside in the province of British Columbia, Canada. I usually buy my wine from the BC Liquor Store. I am looking for a user-friendly wine inventory database that will allow me to keep track of the wines I have bought, collected, and consumed. Is it possible to have a personalized wine organizer? Can I manage my wine data using your application?"

Print Labels From Database On Sheets

Do you need to print labels on sheets? Do you want to print your labels from a database? We have multiple layout options to help you print various labels for your data. All the labels can be generated from our database software. You can print library labels from our Handy Library Manager, barcode or tag labels from our Inventory or Asset Organizers, and shipping labels from our Address Organizer. We have multiple layout options to help you print various labels for your data.

We offer more than 100 database solutions that allow you to print any label on a label sheet. Each database solution includes a variety of label templates for easy use.

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