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2024, January

Custom Wine Inventory Database For BC Wine Enthusiast

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Request We Received From Wine Collector
"I currently reside in the province of British Columbia, Canada. I usually buy my wine from the BC Liquor Store. I am looking for a user-friendly wine inventory database that will allow me to keep track of the wines I have bought, collected, and consumed. Is it possible to have a personalized wine organizer? Can I manage my wine data using your application?"


Custom Wine Inventory Database
Thank you for reaching out! I'm glad to hear that you're interested in using our application as a personal wine organizer. Our wine inventory database is user-friendly and designed to help you easily keep track of the wines you've purchased, collected, and consumed. We can even customize the application to meet your specific requirements if needed!

You can download, install, and evaluate our Wine Organizer Advantage for Windows. Please review the article below, which shows how quickly we can offer you "your personal wine" database.

BC Liquor, Wine Web Site
We looked at the BC Liquor store website and were impressed by the information available on their wine pages. In addition to basic details like the name of the wine, country of origin, and alcohol percentage, they also provide detailed tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, and a rating system.

Wine Database
Based on our review, we have decided to use the following data fields in our personalized solution: wine, country, type, alcohol, UPC, SKU, price, sweetness, rating, food, notes, and image. By including this information in our solution, we aim to offer our customers a comprehensive and personalized wine database-collecting experience. The database is structured to allow for easy and efficient data retrieval, analysis, search, and reporting.

Wine Database, Entry/View Form Layout
For the layout of the data view/entry page, we have chosen a clean and user-friendly design. The data entry page is easy to navigate, with clear and concise labels for each data field and a preview function that allows users to see how their selections will appear in the final product.

Automated Data Entry From Web Pages
We have developed a customized script that facilitates rapid data entry, incorporating all the details mentioned on the wine webpage. Please refer to the accompanying images that depict the step-by-step process.

  • use CTRL-A to select the text on the web page
  • in the popup menu, select Copy or use CTRL-C
  • switch to Wine Organizer Advantage
  • switch to Wine Organizer Advantage
  • click New
  • on the empty form, click the right mouse button
  • select Paste into Record from Clipboard
  • data from the web page is entered into the new record
  • review new entry
  • add more information

Overall, by incorporating the information from the BC Liquor store website and incorporating it into our personalized solution, we can offer our customers a wine-data-collecting experience that is enjoyable and tailored to their individual preferences.

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Custom Wine Inventory Database For BC Wine Enthusiast
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