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build simple electronic dictionaries, glossaries, and terminology books

Create personal language dictionaries, business dictionaries/glossaries, hobby terminology books. Manage simple list of key terms with definitions or complex records with terms, categories, examples, sources, images, definitions and other attributes in our ready to use databases. Use print wizard to publish your dictionaries as printed reports, books, or PDF files for further editing. Use HTML report wizard and create glossary and terminology html reports for easy access on the web.

   Dictionary Detailed : simple Dictionary Detailed database template

   Dictionary Simple : simple Dictionary Simple database template

   Terminology Glossary Manager 1 : simple Terminology Glossary Manager 1 database template

   Terminology Glossary Manager 2 : simple Terminology Glossary Manager 2 database template

   Translation Manager : simple Translation Manager database template

   Postcard Collector, Glossary : simple Postcard Collector, Glossary database template

   Coin Glossary Manager : simple Coin Glossary Manager database template

   Quote Verse Proverb 1 : simple Quote Verse Proverb 1 database template

   Quote Verse Proverb 2 : simple Quote Verse Proverb 2 database template

   Stamp Collector Glossary : simple Stamp Collector Glossary database template

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new database templates:

1000 Barcode Numbers, Library : ready to use 1000 records to print barcode labels

Boat trip log, departure time - arrival time : boat trip log, enter departure/arrival time, distance, and details

Arm, Gun Collector : Arm, Gun Collector

Volunteer Track Hours : simple Volunteer track hours database

Book Inventory Simple : Book Inventory Simple

Artist work inventory : Artist work inventory

Aircraft Model Collectors : simple aircraft model inventory database

Wine inventory detailed : Wine inventory detailed

Music simple catalog : Music simple catalog

Antique dealer simple : Antique dealer simple

Car collection database : Car collection database

Simple address/contact book : Simple address/contact book

Project cost management : Project cost management

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