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Request Manager 1 (1141) Database Template

Request Manager 1 database templates for Organizer Advantage, Deluxe, and Pro users

To run Request Manager 1 template you need our Organizer Advantage application for Windows.

After the purchase all database templates are free to use.
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Request Organizer (solution-1) software solution overview:
Request/ToDo database template: enables you to track and manage a large number of requests, complaints, suggestions, feedbacks, to-do items ... This template contains the following data fields: request date, title, submitted by person, contact info, request description, request details (status, type, category, #), solution date, solution note, solution log, resolution description, notes.., Request software solution features:
  • can be used to track any kind of request
  • retrieve detailed information about each request, complaint, suggestion, feedback, ..
  • define customized views
  • quickly print reports, request lists
  • user-defined fields for maintaining any additional information
  • enter virtually unlimited number of requests
  • group requests by type, status, category,...
  • data import and export

Database Fields Included :

Organizer Advantage with database template, screenshots:

IT Office template: request manager database

IT Office software request manager database

IT Office template: web accounts database

IT Office software web accounts database

IT Office template: bug tracking database

IT Office software bug tracking database

IT Office template: callendar 2021 database

IT Office software callendar 2021 database

Organizer Deluxe with database template, screenshots:

Database and Software Screenshots :

request software solution, request details

request software solution, request resolution information

Organizer Advantage Users:
Review instructions: how to install Request Manager 1 template.

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